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Jay Leno Is Recovering From Surgery Following an Motorcycle Accident

The late-night host who was a comedian slammed into a wire about two miles away from his garage in Burbank, Calif., according to an interview. This comes just 2 months since he suffered burns during work on his car.

Jay Leno, the former “Tonight Show” host, who is also famous for his love of cars, underwent surgery on Tuesday in order to repair several broken bones following an accident on a motorcycle in the early part of January, he explained in an interview with the media on Friday.

He appeared to be feeling good: “A 72-year-old man driving an old motorcycle that is 83 years old. What could be out of the window?” he quipped.

In the latest incident that occurred two months after sustaining burns when working on vehicles in his garage the Mr. Leno said he was testing an 1940 Indian four-cylinder motorcycle , with an attached sidecar on January. 17 when he smelled the stench of gas emanating from the motorcycle.

He went down a street in the back to look at the motorcycle, but was thrown off following a collision with the wire he was unable to see. The accident caused him to be left with a mark around his neck. There were two fractured ribs, two kneecaps that were broken and a fractured collarbone which was surgically repaired.

“It’s slightly painful, but it’s an end in itself,” he said. “Luckily I’m only 72. If I were an older person it could have been extremely serious.”

Despite the injury the comedian was able to insist during the interview that he was in excellent physical fitness and claimed to be able to return to work this weekend.

The show he performs on Sunday nights in The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, Calif. He intends to perform, has already sold out. Also, he has shows scheduled for Arizona and Ohio in the next few weeks.

The Mr. Leno cracked a joke about the crash on Twitter posting on Friday “I had been riding on my motorbike to the top of Lake Tahoe and I came to a stop and, bam I crashed into the snowplow of Jeremy Renner.”

The Mr. Leno first shared the details of the accident during an interview with an Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist on Thursday.

A columnist named John Katsilometes, had inquired about his recovery from an explosion of gasoline in the garage of his Burbank, Calif., garage in the latter part of 2022. The fire caused serious burns to his body. “That is the very first time I’ve had an accident,” Mr. Leno stated.

He stated in an interview with the Review-Journal interview that he did not planned to speak publicly about the accident on his motorcycle because of the attention that was paid to the accident he had been involved in only a few months earlier.

In November the month of November, In November of this year. Leno had surgery after being struck by what was described by doctors as “significant burning” to his chest, face, and hands when he was working on one of his vehicles. After the fire the his. Leno said in a statement that he’d “just require an extra week or two” to recover his feet.

He laughed about the crashes in the past week: “I try to crash within 5 or 6 miles of my garage every single time to get my items returned,” the man said.

The car enthusiast and comedian’s incident also occurs in the context of CNBC’s decision not continue his program “Jay Leno’s Garage,” he said the show, which has since 2015 showcased his extensive collection of cars along with interviews with celebrities.

The change was part of the larger overhaul of the programming offered by CNBC according to the Mr. Leno said. CNBC representatives were not available to respond to inquiries for clarification.

“I’d like to keep this relationship NBC. That way there’s no bad blood or bad feelings, right?” he said, noting: “I wish them luck throughout their endeavors. We had a great time when we were there.”

The late Mr. Leno, who has been the mainstay of NBC’s TV content for over three decades, has said that he was in search of an alternative venue for the show perhaps via a streaming platform which he believes “seems as the trend into the next decade.”



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