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‘Honk for Jesus. Keep Your Soul’ finds dark comedy in a disgraced megachurch

'Honk for Jesus. Keep Your Soul' finds dark comedy in a disgraced megachurch

The film was adapted into a feature film “Honk to Jesus. Help Save Your Soul” shows the strain of the magnification process as a matter of fact, it feels somewhat light in the context that of the collecting plate. The main performances however the dark satire is unwatchable. Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall as the disgraced pastor and his wife planning the perfect return.

“Pastor Childs, are the allegations true?” Brown’s Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs is asked at the beginning, but leaves the details of the scandal deliberately ambiguous throughout the film.

The details are small, as the fervently enthusiastic pastor as well as his spouse Trinitie (Hall) strive to build their Atlanta megachurch, which previously boasted thousands of faithful members with plans for a triumphant Easter Sunday reopening.

In what appears to be an act of egoism The Childs have invited a documentary team to accompany them, fly-on the-wall fashion, as they move about their business, though there are some uncomfortable moments where they have to speak directly to the filmmakers they have not seen and asking them to take out specific content.

The device is the type of device that students utilize, as well as director-writer Adamma Ebo – who produced the film together with twin sisters Adanne as well as the actors Daniel Kaluuuya, Daniel Brown, as well as Jordan Peele may have had to do away using it in this way but it does serve the purpose of requiring Brown as well as Hall to keep smiling all over their faces. tension is simmering under the polished surface as they watch their fortunes disappearing.

In the end, in light of “the settlement” paid out to the wronged and wronged, they turn to roadside sermons to show how far they have fallen. Also, they watch their congregation move to another church owned by a couple who are younger (Nicole Beharie Conphidance) that don’t do well at concealing their motivation to profit from the misfortune of their rivals and what they refer to as”a “landfill of a circumstance.”

Its debut was during the Sundance Film Festival, “Honk for Jesus” clearly has some commentary on the transactional nature of certain religious attires in the film and showcasing Pastor Childs fancy clothes and high-end shoes as proof of those who earn money from their flocks. But the broader strand of the film feels a bit stale with a focus on the central couple’s struggle and the length to the extent to which Trinitie will go to use the song’s lyrics, in keeping her husband in.

In this way the film provides an excellent showcase of Brown and Hall while also establishing Ebo as a talent worth be awed by, or, in this particular setting and one who is able to deliver.

“I am not a perfect man,” Pastor Childs concedes at one time.

Although “Honk for Jesus” isn’t the most perfect film, you should give it credit for at the very least being an entertaining one.

“Honk for Jesus. “Save Your Soul” premieres Sept. 2 in US theaters, and on Peacock. It’s classified R.



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