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Google Adsense Side Rails Ads: New feature of Google Adsense, enable side rails ad like this

What is Google Adsense Side Rails Ads or How To Enable Google Adsense Side Rail Ads: – Google Adsense is launching its new advertising feature, which will be known as Side Rail Ad, from December 23, which will be displayed on the webpages of your website. The side area will be visible and grab your attention as you scroll.

Google Adsense Update: “Today, we’re announcing a new ad format called Side Rails,” Google announced on a help page for web developers.

Side rails are ads that appear on the side of your website’s pages when viewed on a widescreen monitor, such as a desktop.

Side rails will automatically start appearing on websites that have some settings enabled in the Google AdSense service. They’re a fun, very welcome addition to the ads that pop up at the top or bottom of a webpage and follow you around, called “anchor ads.”

I know what you’re thinking. “Those anchor ads are great! I like the way they take up space on my screen and keep me from seeing the content I click on. I wish they appeared in more places. Well, your prayers have been answered, and we’re finally getting more of them.

There are already ads that appear on the sides of webpages often called side rails, but the difference with Google’s iteration is that these are a bit more dynamic, and they come along for the ride as you scroll down. will come with you, rather than staying in one place as you scroll.



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