Friday, September 29, 2023


A fox that was found in Woodcreek after an encounter with the other person was later found to be infected with rabies.

As per the town of Woodcreek the fox walked up to an individual living in the area of Westwood Drive on the morning of October. 28. The victim was attacked by the fox who was hiding beneath her vehicle.

“Please be aware of your surroundings and use extra caution while outside walking or playing golf,” the city’s spokesperson said in a news release. “Do not feed or touch any wildlife.”

As the officers arrived on the scene the fox was attempting to bite them, and eventually killed. Further tests revealed that the fox did indeed have rabies.

“If someone sees a fox acting strangely do not go up to it,” Jay Leivdal, Program Specialist for the Department of State Health Services stated. “…Odd behaviours are when you observe an eagle in the daytime and it is overly hostile or friendly or showing neurological signs like it’s unable to walk or act as normal foxes.”

Following the incident, a few reports have surfaced of wild foxes in the vicinity, such as in Champions Circle and near the Wimberley First Baptist Church. These reports were made after another fox was killed. According to Leivdal’s report Rabies can spread between animals.

“Foxes can transfer the rabies virus,” Leivdal stated. “Any animal shedding the rabies virus can transfer it by bite or scratch… If you see any animals acting strangely or any wildlife acting strangely, call your local animal control or law enforcement department.”

Leivdal has said that encounters aren’t always hostile.

“There are two forms of rabies, the furious and the passive,” Leivdal stated. “The passive type is when the animal that is so loving that it will never even scratch you. It will rub your body like puppies. There is also the more violent one, where it will pursue you, and then try to bite you.”

If you suspect that either you or another could have had contact with this animal or if you observe animals acting strangely contact to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control at (512)393-7896 or the Department. of State Health Services Zoonosis Control at (254)778-6744.



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