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Court Publicizes Videos of the Paul Pelosi Hammer’s Attack, with chilling details

The body camera footage of the police as well as surveillance footage and in-depth interviews with the perpetrator as well as audio recordings from the suspect’s voice. Pelosi’s 911 message, was disproved, but it didn’t end conspiracy theories from the right-wing concerning the attack.

WASHINGTON -A police officer is spotted at the doorway of the home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi situated in San Francisco in the predawn morning hours of October. 28th, 2022 to see the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi Paul Pelosi, 82, and an intruder seated with a smile within the hall, both grasping the opposite end of the Hammer.

In just a few seconds, the calm is interrupted: After being told to take the hammer off, the intruder quickly scuffles with Pelosi. Pelosi before raising the device above his head and advancing towards Pelosi. Pelosi. Officers in panic rush into the room trying to subdue the attacker, while they watch as Mr. Pelosi lies motionless on his side , making loud sounds.

The graphic and terrifying scene unfolds in a 90 seconds of body camera footage that was released on Friday by the San Francisco court in the trial of David DePape, the man accused of assaulting Speaker. Pelosi. The husband of the speaker would later stay for six days in the San Francisco hospital and undergo surgery to repair the skull fracture. It was a remarkable portrayal of a brutal act political violencethat resulted of an attempted to kidnap the speaker, Ms. Pelosi, who at the time was the second in line to become president.

Along with the surveillance footage of The Capitol Police and other evidence that was released on Friday, the release raised new questions about what’s being done to guard the families of public officials from the increasing threat. The release also highlighted the harmful influence of false information within the United States, where some influential voices from the right have spewed conspiracy theories regarding an attack against Mr. Pelosi.

The body camera footage as well as separate surveillance footage from outside the house that recorded the moments prior to the time the time Mr. DePape gained access to the Pelosi home disproved claims that were circulated by the extreme right and spread to the highest levels Republican political discourse that the attack was an insider smear or a cover-up to cover up a scandalous situation that involved Pelosi. Pelosi.

In the absence of a way to stop conspiracy theories The evidence from the documentary just fueled the mythology that was initiated shortly after the attack in which the former president Donald J. Trump and Republican lawmakers were among those who questioned the authenticity of the official account.

“No whatever happens regardless of what footage we have, or what papers we’ve got, individuals will tend to make up stories to justify their own version of events,” said Nina Jankowicz who is a disinformation expert. “We are seeing the distrust in the things you observe time and time and again.”

Mr. DePape was evidently inspired to carry out the attack by conspiracy theories from the right that he read about on the internet. While speaking to the San Francisco detective hours after the attack, he admitted that his complete belief in conspiracy theories about the 2020 elections. He stated that the speaker. Pelosi as the “leader of the group” consisting of lying Democrats who had spent the last four years trying to undermine Trump. Trump, “until they could finally steal their way into the presidential election.”

The new evidence emphasized the spontaneity of the assault. In the interview with the police Mr. DePape admitted that he’d been searching to find Mrs. Pelosi, a political persona who for years has been portrayed as a villain and a victim by Republicans and that he had plans to kidnap her, fracture her kneecaps, and then see the woman “wheeled through Congress.” Pelosi. Pelosi was not home on the night of the attack.

In a short, emotional address to the media in the Capitol on Friday the Speaker of the House, Ms. Pelosi said she did not intend to look at and listen to any footage made public, and she will not comment on the incident, or the investigation in the future.

“I do not have any intention of witnessing the devastating attack upon my husband’s health,” Ms. Pelosi declared. “I will not be making any further comments about the case as it progresses other than to be grateful to people and inform them about Paul’s advancement.”

When asked about how he was doing when asked how he was doing, the Ms. Pelosi said simply that she was “coming forward.”

In addition to the public release of an 911 call that Mr. Pelosi placed while the suspect was inside the home and an interview suspect gave where it was revealed that he was looking to find Mrs. Pelosi, the material currently available gives a complete account of what transpired during attack, as well as the political motives of the perpetrator.

When he calls 911 the caller Mr. Pelosi can be heard talking calmly and selecting his words with care as he attempts to communicate the police dispatcher the situation is not safe, without saying anything directly to upset the burglar, who appears to be listening.

“There’s one gentleman in the room watching for her to show up, Nancy Pelosi,” Mr. Pelosi says. “She’s not coming there for more than a day so I guess I’ll be waiting.”

At some point it is revealed that eventually, Mr. DePape appears to be losing his patience with the Mr. Pelosi, who tells the dispatcher, “He wants me to leave the line, OK?”

The attack and the subsequent release of the video occur in a period of political driven violence is on increase and lawmakers are concerned about how to safeguard them and their family from grave threats.

“We are living in dangerous times of unimaginably extreme extremism as well as political violence that has absolutely no place within our democratic system or in the life of our elected representatives as well as their families,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York and the leader of the minority party, said on Friday.

The other material released on Friday also was Capitol Police surveillance footage of the Pelosi home that shows the suspect breaking into the house via a back entrance. The documents were released following an legal battle by a coalition of media outlets including The New York Times.

The video surveillance depicts the suspect. DePape casing the house for several minutes prior to being seen entering the house, with two bags — an incident which Capitol Police officials would have observed if they had been watching the footage from the Pelosi residence on the day of the assault. However, Pelosi. Pelosi was not present at the time, and crucial hours passed by before any police officer looked over the footage.

Following the attack, a number of politicians have been pleading to provide more security for legislators as well as their families. the surveillance footage is likely to raise questions about the actions to Capitol Police. Capitol Police.

In contrast to presidents, who enjoy all-hour security offered by the Secret Service and paid for by taxpayers, which includes security for family members, the majority of members of Congress are not provided with any security from the government and their families don’t have security at all.

As Speaker of the House as speaker, Pelosi was the speaker of the House. Pelosi had a large security force on her in all times. However, that security detail does not extend to her family members.

For a long time she has been. Pelosi, whose speakership ended in June was one of the most feared members of Congress partly because of a concerted effort by Republicans to attack the most powerful female on the planet in American politics. In their advertisements and appeals to fund-raise that are designed to frighten, anger and incite their main supporters, they have painted Pelosi as a sexy, petty and obnox. Pelosi, a wealthy woman from the liberal enclave that is San Francisco, as the most evil Democratic villain.

The suspect, named Mr. DePape 43, is charged with a number of criminal charges in the state court which include attempted murder and assault with the use of a deadly weapon. In addition, he is facing federal charges for attempted kidnapping of a federal police officer and assaulting an individual who is a relative of the official of the federal government. Should he be found guilty, he will have the potential of spending his entire imprisonment for life. He has not pleaded in the case, which means the next court hearing will be held on Feb. 23. A time for trial will be announced.

He. Pelosi has been slowly recuperating from the attack. In the last few months, he’s attended various high-profile events with his wife. These include Ms. Pelosi’s unveiling of her portrait and her participation in the Kennedy Center Honors. Both times He wore a hat to cover any head injuries, and an dark glove to cover the hand which was injured. In the month of March the Mr. Pelosi sat in the House gallery, which overlooked the floor while members were able to cast the first of 15 votes to choose the speaker of the House. However she was there. Pelosi and her family members have spoken out about the long journey ahead for him to fully recover.

“He’s been out for a while since the doctor advised him that there must be some sort of thing to be looking forward to and again one day at a moment,” Ms. Pelosi said to the CNN’s Chris Wallace in a recent interview. “He was wounded and of that was of his body. They required time to heal, but they eventually were healed. Tendons, you’ve seen everything else. However, the head is a completely different animal.”

Mrs. Pelosi said that with serious head injuries, “you have to be cautious about your movements. You must be cautious about the light. Be cautious regarding noise. It’s just a period of time. It is very exhausting and, yet, you know it’s not that deep into it, but if it is about 3 or 4 months according to the doctor in order for him to be fully himself.”

As per his daughter Alexandra Pelosi, Mr. Pelosi wasn’t a fervent political believer despite having been engaged to the highest-ranking Democratic operating in the United States. The circle of his friends comprised several Republicans He also prohibited the family from discussing political issues at dinner.

However, it is true that. Pelosi played an invaluable behind-the-scenes part for his wife during her tenure as head of House Democrats in a relatively non-sophisticated role that was put displayed in the recent HBO documentary on Mrs. Pelosi made by Alexandra Pelosi.

The Mr. Pelosi, a multimillionaire venture capitalist, was in charge of what his family would refer to being the “business of life”” purchasing dishestowels, cleaning the dishes, dealing contractors, and even buying the wife’s clothing, which allowed her to focus her energy on the work.

“He’s been kept away from the spotlight for as long as he can,” Alexandra Pelosi said in an interview. “He was close to reaching the final stage without anyone even knowing who he was.”



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