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Christina Applegate Makes Emotional First Public Appearance Following MS Diagnose: ‘I Love You Everyday’

Christina Applegate attended her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday, November. 14th. It coincided with her Emmy winner’s first appearance in public after revealing her MS diagnosis in the spring of 2021. Applegate was originally scheduled to be awarded her award in the Walk of Fame in 2020 however the pandemic deferred the ceremony. Applegate revealed her MS diagnosis via Twitter in 2021 during production for the final episode of her Netflix comedy “Dead to Me.”

Before Applegate’s public appearance on Saturday, Applegate was recognized in the Walk of Fame ceremony by her “Married…with Children” co-stars Katey Sagal and David Faustino. Sagal was a mess when she said to Applegate, “You’re not alone. We’re all together.” The Applegate’s “Dead To Me” co-star Linda Cardellini and creator Liz Feldman were also present for a tribute tribute to Applegate.

Applegate was the first to speak during the Walk of Fame ceremony assisted by Sagal who stayed there with her throughout her speech. Applegate fell into tears as she talked about her little girl and thanking her mother for her support in helping her during the challenges of her MS diagnosis.

“The the most significant person in the world can be my child,” Applegate said. “You are more than you think. You’re beautiful and sweet and smart and intriguing. I’m grateful every day I can get up early and drive with me on a trip to school…thank you for supporting me throughout this whole process.”

Applegate described her admirers present “gorgeous” and added “Every every person. I love you all so very much.”

Applegate revealed that filming the final season “Dead to Me” in the midst of battling MS is “hard as you might imagine it to have been.” Applegate needed wheelchairs to reach the filming.

“I was diagnosed while we were at work,” Applegate said. “I was required to contact everyone and say, ‘I am a victim of MS. I was like, what’s the matter is that?’ It was about sort of being able to learn everyone else was being taught the things I would be able to accomplish.”

“Dead for Myself” Season 3 debuts Nov. 17 on Netflix The show is the first project from Applegate’s that is made public following her announcement on MS. “People will be able to meet my first appearance as an disabled individual, and it’s very challenging,” Applegate told Variety about the new show’s debut and her first appearance on the public stage and is scheduled to air with”Dead To Me,” the “Dead To me” premiere on November. 15

Applegate revealed her appearances on the public stage in a viral tweet posted in the month of March. The actor posted pictures of canes that she was thinking of for red carpets.

“This is my first time walking since being diagnosis as having MS,” Applegate wrote on Twitter at the time. “Walking sticks are now a part of my daily routine. Thanks to @neowalksticks for these amazing products. Watch out to see which ones made the cut for the week’s worth of goodies.”



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