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Chris Hemsworth’s Taking an Acting Break, and Maybe a Permanent Thor Break

The OG Avenger is reconsidering his acting career.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to launch a number of actors into the heights of fame as well as Chris Hemsworth is one of the most popular poster boys. He was previously best known for his role as Kirk’s father in the first minutes of Star Trek’s reboot from 2009 The first Thor film from 2011 accelerated his career as a lightning bolt and he’s now at the point that there’s a new action-oriented franchise with Netflix’s Extraction as well as the new Disney+ series, Limitless.

Limitless has just premiered on the air, and it’s in the 4th episode when Hemsworth was informed that he is carrying an “strong” genetic pre-disposition to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease as he grows older. Both of his parents carry the APOE4 gene that is believed to cause an increase in chance of developing the disease that causes memory loss. This is why the actor has announced a short retirement from acting in order to spend more the time with his spouse Elsa Pataky and their three children.

“It really triggered something in me to want to take some time off,” Hemswort said to Vanity Fair. “And after we’ve finished on the program, I’ve started working on what I was required to complete. […] I’m heading home to get a significant amount of time to simplify. Spend time with my kids and spend time together with my spouse.” Finding out about the possibility of his health’s future is quite candid and despite Disney’s request to remove those scenes the actor decided to keep the scenes. “My concern was I just didn’t want to manipulate it and overdramatize it and make it into some sort of hokey grab at empathy or whatever for entertainment.”

In spite of this short resignation, Hemsworth took time to admit the possibility of coming back as Thor in the near future. After providing the stock with the “I’m open to it if there’s more” reply and was more specific when he said that he’d be content in the event that Thor 5 would serve as the final one. “We’d likely have to shut down the book in the event that I had to do it again, know what I’m saying? It seems like it justifies that,” he said. “I think it could be the final chapter however, this isn’t dependent on anything that anyone has said to me, or any kind of plan. You’ve got the birth of a hero that leads to the life of a hero, and then the loss of a hero. I’m not sure if I’m at this point? I don’t know.”

One of his upcoming roles will be in George Miller’s Furiosa movie, which is a prequel to the acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road film. The comments he made about working with Miller who said was “a genius, but not the mad type,” could be a bit illuminating to what the Australian will do throughout his professional career in acting. “I told my agent that this is the place I’d like to work and with someone who is helpful, cooperative and fascinating.’ […] One who is conscious of the impact his personality has on others…and decides to make it be an enjoyable experience. Everyone in the team is more positive. It’s a mystery to me why some individuals in this position don’t comprehend the significance of.”



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