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Bruce Willis’ family gives an update on Bruce’s health and new diagnosis

Bruce Willis’ family has revealed that Bruce is suffering from frontotemporal dementia (or FTD) which is a type of dementia.

The family of the 67-year old star shared a statement Thursday saying that the news was “painful, but it is a relief finally to have a clear diagnosis.”

“Today, there are no treatments for this disease. This is something we hope will change in the coming years. We hope that Bruce’s condition improves and that media attention can be directed to highlighting this disease, which requires far more research and awareness,” the statement stated.

Willis’ family, which included wife Emma Heming Willis and ex-wife Demi Moor and his daughters, first revealed his diagnosis of aphasia in 2022. At the time, they said that Willis had a medical condition which was affecting his cognitive abilities. They would also be taking a break in acting.

His family released a new statement saying that Bruce believed in using his voice to help others and raising awareness about important topics both privately and publicly. We know deep down that Bruce would like to bring global attention and connectness with others who are suffering from this devastating disease, as well as their families.

According to the Mayo Clinic frontotemporal dementia can be described as a “umbrella term” for brain disorders that affect the frontal and temporal brain lobes. These brain areas are often associated with personality, behavior, and language.

Willis’ latest acting credits include “Detective Knight: Independence,” released in January 2023. It is the third installment in the thriller series “Detective Knight.” Next month, Willis will release the action film “Assassin”.

Heming Willis and Willis have two daughters, Evelyn and Mabel. Moore is the father of Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, his daughters.

Rumer Willis is currently pregnant with her first child, a son with Derek Richard Thomas.

Bruce has found joy in his life and has encouraged others to do the same. The world has been able to witness that feeling of care echo back to Bruce and all of us,” the statement said. We have been touched by the support you all have shown for Bruce, our father and best friend in this difficult time. We will continue to support Bruce with compassion, understanding, respect, and love.



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