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Britney Spears Blasts Reports on Intervention: “It Makes Me sick to my stomach. It’s Legal to create stories about how I was close to dying’

Britney Spears is using social media pages to discuss tabloid stories that surfaced on Thursday, saying that her circle of friends had tried to orchestrate an intervention over concerns about her health.

TMZ published a story on Thursday morning , which stated that Spears loved ones and family members were planning an intervention to address “dire” issues with the issue of her “mental health and addiction to drugs” according to the tabloid publication reporting on sources “in frequent communication in regular contact with Britney” who was reported as saying, “I’m afraid she’s gonna die.”

The article included “multiple sources who have direct information” when it reported that “people close to Britney have been frightened by her unpredictable, volatile behavior” and that she’s “flying off the rails.” TMZ also claimed Britney is taking “meds which make her feel better,” but is not taking “medications to stabilize her.” The report stated that the manager of the singer has rented a home located in L.A., and the idea was to drive Spears to the home in the beginning of this week, where she would be able to meet the husband of her, Sam Asghari, her manager as well as an interventionist as well as doctors who would try to aid her. The report also stated that Spears her mother, father and sons, who she has been fighting publicly have not been involved in the plan. TMZ further reported that the pop singer has agreed to visit an acupuncturist this week and that the visit “went smoothly.”

Following the TMZ report was released, People, Page Six and E! Online released similar stories about an intervention, and also with anonymous sources.

Variety had previously reached out to an official from Spears on Thursday. The representative did not reply to requests for comment regarding the different reports.

Then, Spears is taking matters in her own hands she’s posted the following on Instagram to denounce the news reports.

Alongside the image of a quotation that says, “A state of gratitude can help you shift to an increased frequency.” Spears published a caption that reads, “Enough is enough.”

“It is a pain in my stomach to think that it’s legal for people to create up stories in which I nearly lost my life,” her caption says. “I believe that there comes a time when enough is enough !! I’m likely to have to quit posting on Instagram because , despite the fact that I like doing it, there are clearly many people who don’t want me to be happy I’m not surprised! I’m not shocked by any of it … Still trying my best and I’m not going to stop! The conservatorship was in effect for almost a whole year … It’s not happening this isn’t 2007 … It’s the year 2023, and I’m cooking my first lasagna from scratch at home !! I finally put my fireplace working in my living space ! It’s amazing! My husband says it best: Don’t believe all you read It’s a beautiful scene! The love that is right back at you ” !”

Spears was placed under conservatorship by a court order for 13 years. It was terminated in the month of November 2021. She was the daughter of Jamie Spears. Jamie Spears, was the primary conservator, who was responsible for the finances and basically everything else in his daughter’s adult life. The man has was accused of financial mismanagement as well as abuse of his position during the conservatorship and has denied the allegations -even though the legal battle over fees is still ongoing.

In recent hearings, things are becoming contentious about Spears’s health. In the month of January, 2022 her father’s attorney asked to open all records during the period of conservatorship which Spears lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, called “offensive” and “highly inappropriate.” In the moment, Rosengart told the judge, “We don’t think a father who is devoted to his daughter will ever file to release their medical record.”



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