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Andrew Tate Reportedly Arrested in Romania in Rape Investigation the Day After Posting Greta Thunberg Clapback Video

Andrew Tate, a controversial media celebrity who was a professional kickboxer has been reported to have been detained within Romania by anti-terrorism officials. Tate was arrested along with his brother Tristan Tate, on suspicion of having formed an organized crime organization that exploits women for adult films according reports in the Romanian Libertatea newspaper. Libertatea.

Andrew as well as Tristan Tate are being investigated for sexual exploitation and trafficking in persons and are expected to be brought before DIICOT (Directorate of Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism) for interrogation. DIICOT announced the arrest in a statement , but did not identify the suspects. The lawyers of the brothers told Reuters that they were detained.

A criminal file was open in the name of British brothers. In the report of Romanian media outlet Antena 3 CNN, the former officer was also detained and interrogated regarding her possible involvement in the investigation.

Romanian prosecution officials believe the Tates are enticing and making women slaves for the production of pornographic videos that they could publish on websites such as OnlyFans to make some gain.

On April 1, Romanian officials discovered two women (one of them has American citizenship) at a residence located in Voluntari and claimed that they were beaten in the hands of the Tates. The brothers were interrogated at DIICOT for 5 hours before being released, however the investigation were not stopped, according to Libertatea.

This month, Andrew Tate tagged 19-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg with a tweet boasting about his 33 vehicles. “Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions,” Tate wrote and to Thunberg. Thunberg replied, “Yes, please do inform me. Email me at”

It quickly became among the most liked tweets ever, with more than 3 million people liking it.

This week, Tate responded to Thunberg in a YouTube video, in which he eats pizza out of the box that reads “Jerry’s Pizza,” a Romanian restaurant chain.

Tate gained fame in 2016 when he appeared for”Big Brother,” the British reality TV show “Big Brother,” on which he was criticized for racist and homophobic remarks posted on Twitter. Tate was removed from the show after a video which appeared to show him striking the woman with belt emerged. Tate along with the female declared that the act was agreed upon.

Elon Musk has revoked Tate’s Twitter ban on Twitter a month ago.

The Tate brothers launched an online cam business where they offered “fake sob stories” to male customers. Andrew believes that he earned millions of dollars through the venture, but later admitted was the result of a “total scam.”



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