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Alex Jones testifies over damages he has to pay families to settle Sandy Hook fake claims

Attorney for the plaintiff Chris Mattei (left) questions Alex Jones on Thursday at Jones trial to decide damages for defamation within Waterbury, Conn.

WATERBURY, Conn. -The conspiracy theorist Alex Jones took the stand on Thursday in his trial for defamation in Connecticut as he attempts to limit the damage he’s liable for for promoting the myth that the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 was a hoax. Sandy Hook school massacre was an untruth.

Over a dozen relatives of the children killed and six teachers who were killed attended the testimony of the judge in Waterbury Superior Court, which is located about twenty miles (32 kilometers) from Newtown which is where the shooting took place.

Alex Jones’ defamation trials demonstrate the limits of deplatforming for a privileged few


Alex Jones’ defamation trials demonstrate the limits of deplatforming only for a small few

Attorney for the plaintiff Christopher Mattei showed a video from Jones’ Infowars web show where he called this mass killing “phony because it was a $3 bill” and accused those who were the victim’s parents “crisis actresses.”

“Mr. Jones, if anyone were to falsely assert that a family that suffered losses to loved ones are actors who had faked the death of loved ones it would be an awful idea to make, is it not?” Mattei Jones asked Jones when he showed the footage.

“In the situation, it could be”yes,” Jones replied.

Jones was found to be liable the previous year, by default, for the plaintiffs’ damages without trial, in retaliation of what the judge described as his numerous failures to turn over the documents to their attorneys. The jury of six members is currently in the process of deciding what Jones as well as Free Speech Systems, Infowars the parent company of Infowars, should pay to the families for slandering the company and deliberately causing emotional trauma.

In sometimes emotional testimonies family members have shared their experiences of suffering from death threats, physical abuse and abusive remarks in social networks. Some were forced to leave the harassment.

Outside the courthouse Jones describes his trial as “kangaroo court”

Jones was on the streets of Connecticut this week, preparing in preparation for the court appearance. He hosted a news conference on Wednesday outside the courthouse in which he blasted the proceedingslike he does previously done on the Infowars show as an “travesty of justice” and calling the judge as a “tyrant.” The judge made the same comments when he entered the courthouse on Thursday.

In the Alex Jones trial, an FBI agent breaks down in tears as he describes the events at Sandy Hook

“This isn’t an actual court,” the judge said. “This is an exhibition trial, a Kangaroo Court.”

The attorneys for the plaintiffs began with a question to Jones whether he believed that Judge Barbara Bellis was a tyrant and if he considers many people to be tyrants.

“Only when they do that,” he said.

Jones was also inquired about a page on his Infowars website that declared the trial to be to be a “kangaroo court” and also included advertisements on the page. Jones said that the page was designed by his team, but described it as an “good review.” He was also asked about the daily profit reports. Jones stated that he was unable to answer the question, but denied that he was using the trial as an opportunity for marketing.

On his talk show on his show, he declared the trial to be as an attack on freedom of speech. And when asked what he thought the significance of the trial was, he replied, “I think this is significant.”

The way Alex Jones helped mainstream conspiracy theories to be a an integral part of American daily


What did Alex Jones helped mainstream conspiracy theories to become an integral part of American everyday

Jones added that his credibility with his target audience isn’t the most important factor for Jones. “It’s taking down globalists,” Jones said.

Bellis started the day by reviewing the subjects that Jones did not discuss in his testimony: the right to free speech and an investigation into the Sandy Hook families’ $73 million settlement last year with the gun maker Remington (the company that made the Bushmaster rifle that was used to kill the victims of Sandy Hook); the proportion of Jones shows that addressed Sandy Hook; and whether Jones made money from those shows or from a similar case in Texas.

“This does not seem to be the right venue to give this witness,” Bellis said. Jones stated that he understood.

However, the jury had to leave the courtroom several times as lawyers argued over the nature of Jones’ responses.

“You’re going to exercise today for those who use the Fitbit watches,” the judge told the jurors.

Jones apologizes but states his remarks were not accurately reported.

In the lunch break, Jones again complained to reporters that he was unable to prove that he’s “innocent,” but said that he regrets over the nature of his broadcasts about Sandy Hook.

“I’ve done things that which I shouldn’t possibly have,” he added. “I didn’t know my power. And , having seen the families, I’ve talked to certain families. I believe that they’re real. However, it’s the media and the lawyers who continue to bring it up and misrepresenting my words and my actions.”

A jury acquits Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages to 2 Sandy Hook parents


A jury acquits Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages for two Sandy Hook parents

Jones has also been declared liable on default in two cases involving the hoax lie in his home town located in Austin, Texas, where the jury at one in the trial decided to order Jones to pay more than 50 million dollars in compensation to families of one of the children who died. Another trial taking place in Texas is scheduled to begin at the close in the calendar year.

When Jones was in front of a Texas jury in the month of March and testified in oath, the former teacher tempered his words. He admitted that he was aware that the hoax claims were untrue and that the shooting at the school was “100 100% true.”

Jones The shows depicted events surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting as staged by actors in crisis in support of the gun control effort.

The current trial also focuses on data from the site’s analytics provided by Infowars employees that show how sales of diet supplements clothing, food, and other items soared at the same time Jones discussed Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook shooting.

Evidence, such as internal Infowars emails and depositions also show a lack of consensus within the company over pushing the fake news.

Jones attorney Norman Pattis is arguing that any damages should be restricted and accused the victim’s family members of exaggerating the damage they caused by the lies.



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