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Aaron Judge adds home runs No. 56 and 57 to his search for Babe Ruth and Roger Maris in Yankees the lore

(CNN) Fenway Park is one of the US the most famous ballparks. It also witnessed an additional amount of history on Tuesday, Aaron Judge The catcher hit his 56th and 56th homers of the 2022 season. leading the New York Yankees to win 7-6 against their fierce opponents, the Boston Red Sox .

With these two latest hits, Judge edged closer to immortalizing his year in Yankees legend along with Babe Ruth’s record sixty homers in 1927 as well as Roger Maris’ record 61 in 1961, which also been record-setting American League record for 61 years.

Judge’s first homer of the Tuesday afternoon — which was a 383-foot blast through right-center field kept the score at 3 in the middle of the 3rd.

The next shot was larger, as he launched an upper-body shot 389 feet deep through left field, and then in the stands, tying the score to 4-4 at the end of sixth.

“You aren’t looking at it. If you’re examining the numbers, you’ll be arrested,” Judge said afterwards as reported by ESPN.

“I simply try to do the best I can, so the results will be taken care of. If I’ve made a sound strategy and a solid strategy, then take care of what I have to accomplish inside the box, all the other stuff will come up.”

The Yankees have jumped out to an advantage of six games within the AL East.

Alongside Maris’ American League record, Judge is now within reach of many other historical landmarks.

He’s just one homer shy of matching with the AL record set by right handed players, at present being held by Hank Greenberg (1938) and Jimmie Foxx (1932); The hitter has scored an additional 20 home runs more than second-highest number within the MLB this season, the first time that an imbalance has been seen since the last day of the 1929 season and he scored his 10th multi-homer game during his season, on the Tuesday. He was one shy of the record for the major leagues, which is 11.

“I’m completely out of words. Really amazing,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone stated, as reported by ESPN. “To get one to go the other direction and then to get the Red Sox pitcher GarrettWhitlock Whitlock to a breaking ball He’s ripping balls extremely effectively… It’s just the perfect position to hit and so solid and puts his bat down in the zone and rides it for so long the ball is able to be a good chunk of it, and then puts it on an open stand. It’s amazing what he’s done.”

If Judge can finish the season with 65 home runs (which would mean one homer every 2.5 games, it could be the fifth more than 65 year of home runs throughout MLB history.

The most recorded in one season was set by Barry Bonds in 2001 when the player scored 73.



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