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Aaron Carter, Singer and Onetime Teenage Sensation, Dies at the age of 34.

Mr. Carter, who released his debut album at the age of nine and released his second album “Aaron’s Party” at age 12 was the younger cousin of Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys.

Aaron Carter, the singer and actor who was popular among teens in the early 2000s , and who was best known for his famous track “I Want Candy,” was discovered dead on the weekend at his residence at Southern California. He was 34.

Taylor Helgeson, a representative for Big Umbrella, an entertainment management company has confirmed the death of the death of Mr. Carter’s death, but declined to discuss the cause.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to a request at Mr. Carter’s residence situated in Lancaster, Calif., on Saturday. The department discovered a body in the home according to deputy Alejandra Parra, the spokesperson for the department. Officials have said they cannot at this point confirm that the person is Mr. Carter.

The Mr. Carter, who released his first album when he was nine, and later the hit record “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” at the age of 12 became a part of magazines and programming for teens and appeared on TV shows such as “Lizzie McGuire.”

“Aaron’s Party” peaked at the number. 4. Billboard 200 list, selling more than 3 million units. The artist recorded five studio albums and was an contestant on the TV show “Dancing With the Stars.”

The band’s career then slowed down, and over the last few years, the singer has been in legal issues and admitted to his addiction struggles. In 2018, he debuted his debut album for fifteen decades, “Love,” to only mediocre reviews.

He was a Mr. Carter, who was described by The New York Times as an “tween heartthrob,” began performing at the age of seven singing lead in the group Dead End for two years as per an on-line biography.

At the age of 9 the age of 9, he opened with The Backstreet Boys in Berlin for his first solo show. (His younger brother, Nick Carter, was also a member of the group.)

The performance led to a recording contract, followed by it was the time to release his debut single “Crush on You.” He also performed as a guest for Britney Spears.

The Mr. Carter was also an actor who appeared in plays such as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “7th Heaven.” He was also a performer on Broadway and appeared on stage in “Seussical,” the Dr. Seuss musical, as well as “The Fantasticks,” the longest-running musical on the planet.

On his sophomore album Mr. Carter also released the hit song “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” featuring a music video starring NBA player Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal has stated the Mr. Carter once beat him in the match of HORSE and asked him later whether he would like to make an album about the experience.

In the year 2019, the year 2019, Mr. Carter’s brother Nick as well as his sister Angel claimed that they were able to obtain an injunction against the former. In a statement issued at this time Nick Carter said his brother confessed of having thoughts of violence towards his wife, and that his family member “were left with no choice but to take away every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family.”

Aaron Carter at the time did not deny the accusations at the time. The announcement of the restraining decree was announced a day after Aaron Carter canceled his tour for 2019 according to E! News the outlet, stating that he had be able to prioritize on his “health first.”

He. Carter has been open throughout his life about his mental health issues. He revealed to People magazine in 2018 that it was his belief that he’d “hit a rock bottom personally and emotionally,” and the fact that he sought treatment in a wellness clinic.

The Mr. Carter, who appeared on the November. two episode on the “No Jumper” podcast, stated that he was focused on selling real estate and said that the last time he was “Cali sober” for five years, despite the fact that he sometimes smoked marijuana and was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug. (“Cali sober” which is shorthand for “California sober,” is loosely translated to mean abstaining from addiction-inducing substances, apart from alcohol and marijuana.)

Adam Grandmaison, the host of the podcast on YouTube told me that an old friend to Mr. Carter’s informed him of his passing.

“I just interviewed him a couple weeks ago and it was pretty clear he wasn’t in a great place,” Mr. Grandmaison wrote on Twitter. “He was a great person despite the many demons that he had to battle. I’m very sad to be sad to.”

During the interview In the interview, during the conversation, Mr. Carter said he considered himself to be a rapper producer, a singer as well as an artist and actor. He was extremely satisfied with his latest album. He also stated that he was hoping to release a new album very soon.

“I cover all bases,” he declared. “It means so much more to me than the stuff I did growing up because I wrote and produced it all.”

He. Carter said he was “never going to give up” in his music career and said that, despite the turmoil the music industry had been a great career. He also promised to take back the custody of his son who, as Page Six reported was temporarily taken into the custody by Mr. Carter’s girlfriend’s mother due to drug and domestic violence worries.

“I’m about to be 35 years old,” Mr. Carter said. “I’m a grown man and it’s time to start behaving that way and doing the right thing and focusing on myself, my career, my kid and my family.”



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