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25-year-old Karoline Leavitt is the her first Republican Gen Z presidential candidate after winning the New Hampshire primary

25-year-old Karoline Leavitt is the her first Republican Gen Z presidential candidate after winning the New Hampshire primary

Generation Z now has two candidates who have a shot at going to Congress. On Tuesday, 25, Karoline Leavitt was the winner of the Republican nomination for the New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, CBS News predicted, enabling her to take on Democratic incumbent Rep. Chris Pappas in November.

“We were a bit over-spent but we weren’t out of work,” Leavitt tweeted after her win. “Thank to the citizens of my district who believed in me! I am humbled by the overwhelming love and support. … Today we will be celebrating. Tomorrow, we will continue our work.”

Leavitt’s expected win comes just a month after Gen Z got its first member who made it past the primaries. The election took place in August. Florida Democrat Maxwell Frost took home a highly contested primaries in the state’s 10th Congressional District. The 25-year-old will contest against Republican Calvin Wimbish in November in the heavily Democratic district.

Although they are both from an identical generation they’re running on different platforms. Frost is working to call for more stringent gun laws, improved health care , and a stronger emphasis on environmental justice. Leavitt’s campaign is heavily concentrated on the need for increased funding for police as well as the safeguarding of qualified immunity stronger immigration laws, opposing “red flag” gun laws as well as anti-abortion policies.

On her site, it is stated that she was employed as a presidential journalist under the presidency of former President Donald Trump in 2018 and then was later appointed an assistant press secretary for the White House press office.

“I assisted in preparing press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for her high-pressure briefings, fought against bias of the mainstream press, and proudly contributed to communicate Donald Trump’s America First agenda that uplifted those who were forgotten and small business families just like mine,” she says on her website.

After the 2020 presidential election She also said she was working as the communications director to Rep. Elise Stefanik, the House GOP conference chair, in order to lead communications “against the administration of President Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats”who have a extreme agenda.” She has also been well-known for having repeated Trump’s false claim in the 2016 election that it was rigged, The New York Times stated.

Leavitt has received the support of several important conservative leaders, including Stefanik, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Utah Rep. Jim Jordan. However, House Republican chairman Kevin McCarthy backed one of her rivals at the GOP primary, Matt Mowers. Gail Huff Brown, whose husband was the an ex-moderate GOP Senator. Scott Brown of Massachusetts who was also running competing.

Trump expressed his gratitude to Leavitt on her victory and posted in the Truth Social site that she did an “amazing job.”

“Against all chances, she pulled it off — and she will enjoy an even bigger victory on the 8th of November. Incredible energy and wisdom” the author wrote, before adding “The most ‘trumpiest’ of people ALL took home the title the state of New Hampshire last night.”



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