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2 people are deadand 12 are injured after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Northern California

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake was felt in Northern California’s Eureka area on Tuesday morning in the morning, according to the US Geological Survey said, which left at least two people dead. Reports have emerged of destruction to homes and roads that woke residents up from their sleep , and causing many without electricity.

Its epicenter was located in the earthquake was occurred around 2:34 a.m. at PT located in the Pacific approximately 15 miles away from Fortuna which is a city with approximately 12,000 people living located in Humboldt County, part of California’s forested Redwood Coast. Fortuna is located near Eureka and is about 228 miles to the northwest from Sacramento.

Two people have died “as a result of medical emergencies” following and immediately after the earthquake According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Twelve people sustained injuries were reported.

While there aren’t many details about the injuries as of the moment, none of them are classified as critical, said Humboldt County Sheriff William F. Honsal. The number of injuries is likely to increase according to him.

The two victims two years ago, a 72-year-old as well as an aged 83, suffered medical emergencies in the aftermath of the earthquake. emergency services were unable to arrive quickly, Honsal said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency that permits Humboldt County to access resources under the California Disaster Assistance Act, Newsom’s office stated in a press release.

“Jennifer and I send our heartfelt condolences to the families grieving the loss of loved ones and offer our best wishes for the recovery of those who were injured in this earthquake,” Newsom released an announcement.

A total of more than three dozen smaller earthquakes – that were as powerful as 4.6 magnitude was felt in the area following the quake according to the report. The quake on Tuesday comes one year after an 6.2 magnitude quake hit just off the coast of Humboldt County’s Cape Mendocino on December 20 20, 2021. The quake damaged a few structures within the region.

Live Updates The earthquake shakes Northern California

The majority of households and business within Humboldt County were without power on Tuesday morning. There were 70,000 outages announced as of 1 p.m. at PT. This is from 99,000 customers within the county according to the utility tracker

The city of Rio Dell, one of the cities affected from the earthquake the city chief Kyle Knopp said water and power are still out while the entire county remains currently under an alert for a boil.

“Widespread damages to roads and homes” were described across Humboldt County, the county sheriff’s office announced on Tuesday morning via Twitter. Two people have been injured according to the sheriff’s office.

Wendy Pickett Monolias awoke up to the rumbling in Eureka.

“Once the shaking was over, we took our phones and flashlights and took a look around. Everything was in disarray,” Pickett Monolias said. “Things you would not expect to be broken or fallen over would have. A whole cabinet inside the bathroom fell and cracked.”

The quake sprayed a variety of things on the floors at Caroline Titus’ Ferndale-area home the video she posted on Twitter illustrates. “This was a huge one. Power is now out. The house is in a state of chaos,” Titus wrote.

Northeast of Ferndale The temblor struck parts of the Fernbridge that carries State Route 211 over the Eel River.

How can earthquakes be measured?

The road that runs across the bridge had been damaged in a photo posted from the California Department of Transportation showed.

“The bridge is closed while we conduct safety inspections due to possible seismic damage,” the tweet reads.

In downtown Fortuna the storefront windows were damaged, and residents were making boards to fill in the gaps on a cold Tuesday morning, as a video by KRCR illustrates.

The main quake caused at least some shaking from the coast of Oregon up to south to south San Jose, California, public reports from the survey reveal.

It is not a tsunami risk The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared.



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