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1 person killed, 3 injured during a shooting at El Paso shopping mall

Two males, both have been taken into custody in the aftermath of the gunfire at the Cielo Vista Mall, interim El Paso Police Chief Peter Pacillas said Wednesday night. Police haven’t commented on the possible motives.

A suspect is currently in custody and the police believe there could be a second suspect who is still uncaught according to Sgt. Robert Gomez of the El Paso Police Department. He declined to comment on an alleged motive.

“It turned chaotic. People did flee. They were afraid,” said Gomez.

Two males injured were transported into the University Medical Center of El Paso in critical medical condition, according to the hospital . The situation of the third victim, a male Gomez stated was also hospitalized is not known.

The mall is located close to an Walmart which was the scene of a shooting that occurred in 2019 claimed the lives of 23 people and left over two dozen wounded. In the last week, the 24-year-old gunman admitted guilt to federal charges of 90 in the plea bargain.

This year, there’s over 70 mass shootings throughout the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The archive defines”mass shooting” as “mass shooting” as a shooting that has injured or killed at least four people without excluding the shooter.

Brandon Chavez, 29, told police he was working at his job at the Buckle clothing store that is located across of the restaurant when the shooting occurred. He assisted customers and employees block the entrance to the store. He also took people to the storeroom while they waited for the chance to exit the store, he said.

Chavez was also employed at the mall at the time of the 2019 shooting took place in the nearby Walmart He stated, adding that he lived there along with others at the time, and also.

Robert Gonzalez was also at the mall on Wednesday, and during the shooting of the year. Robert Gonzalez “saw people running to the exit” Wednesday according to him, and videos he recorded show mall stores shut with security gates shut and a number of police vehicles parked out front.

“I was working (at the mall) the last time this happened with the Walmart shooting so it just brought back bad memories,” he added.

Gonzalez reported that the incident was not a problem and he made the safe journey to his vehicle in time to go home as he talked with TSP.

A reunification centre has been installed in close to Burges High School, where those who are unable communicate with their loved ones could look for help, Gomez said.



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