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Spotlight on Mental Health: World Mental Health Day 2022

Consider mental health as a top priority.

10 October 2022 10 October 2022 is World Mental Health Day according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The motto, “make mental health & well-being for all a global priority” concentrates on the large-scale overhaul of mental health services all over the world.

Based on the WHO one in eight people worldwide had mental illness in 2019, a number that is not accounted for the detrimental mental health consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. The pandemic was a time when there were significant disruptions to the mental health system, thereby widening the gap in treatment that many patients had to face.

Care for the mental health of patients is becoming more and more crucial. To assess the state of mental health of patients, questionnaires can be conducted even when the patient is at the pharmacy for no reason.

It is also crucial that pharmacy personnel receive the necessary training in mental health emergency and trauma-informed treatment. This training can assist pharmacists to detect mental health emergencies and help patients who have histories of trauma with the proper care and sensitivity.

Another crucial aspect of assisting patients in their mental health is working with advocacy and state associations. These organizations play an important part in advancing pharmacy research as well as advocacy. They can also help to pass legislation that is vital.

It is crucial for pharmacists to look after and take care of their own mental well-being. They often suffer from fatigue and high levels stress. It is difficult to prioritize their health and wellbeing when taking care of other people.

There are a variety of ways that pharmacists can take care to maintain their psychological health. As per the National Institute of Mental Health suggests the following: completing regularly exercised, eating nutritious meals on a regular basis, making sleeping an important priority, attempting relaxation activities making goals and setting priorities, focusing on mindfulness, practicing gratitude and focusing on positive thoughts and keeping in touch to family and friends.

The practice of all these practices isn’t easy, so it’s important to concentrate on the things that can be accomplished instead of what isn’t. When you’re working including these practices in your day-to-day routine is a good starting point.

Even though today is an excellent moment to start taking care of our mental well-being, each day is a World Mental Health Day. From patients to pharmacists taking care of your our mental wellbeing is becoming more essential than ever before.



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