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Mount Washington as cold as Mars with record-breaking temperatures of 110 degrees below

This cold is not from the realm of possibility.

The New Hampshire’s Mount Washington felt more like Mars than Earth on Friday, as temperatures dropped to the unimaginable 110 degrees. This set setting a new record for most frigid wind chill ever registered within the US.

Famous for having some of the worst weather in the world, Mount Washington saw air temperatures plunge to minus 46 degrees and wind speeds of more than 100 miles an hour, with some gusts exceeding 100 miles per hour, as the artic air mass caused destruction on Friday, according to Mount Washington Observatory. Mount Washington observatory.

The visibility on the mountain top was just one-sixteenth of an inch, which is just over 100 yards.

In the meantime, on Mars temperatures on the surface this week hit the hottest 16 degrees, with a minimum of less than 105, as per NASA. NASA said that the temperature of Mars vary between minus 225 to 70°.

The video shot from the Mount Washington Observatory’s summit on Friday afternoon shows violent winds blowing snow into an image that appears than planet Hoth in Star Wars.

The coldest temperature of air ever observed at this observatory was recorded as -47 ° in 1934, as per the National Weather Service.

The observatory is available all year However, staff have warned other visitors about the risk of being in the observatory.

“I want to emphasize the danger of this cold,” wrote Mount Washington weather observer Alexis George. “In these extreme cold temperatures the danger of suffering from frostbite and hypothermia is an exponential risk.

“These frigid cold conditions will quickly rob you of body heat, with the possibility that frostbite could develop on exposed skin in under a minute,” she said. “Even tiny mistakes can be dangerous, with a small slip or a fogged pair of goggles leading to potentially fatal situations. With this kind of weather rescue personnel will be unable to being able to respond effectively to any emergency.”

The gusts of wind created dangerous conditions for those watching the weather even when they were snuggled in their homes.

“The metal latch that was holding the door on broke, so the door swung open when we had that 127 mph gust earlier today,” Francis Tarasiewicz told WGME. “So it took about three people to prop themselves up against it and someone from the state park helped to secure the door again.”

“There is half of me that loves what is going on right now, and the other half of me is pretty terrified, especially when the door fails,” Tarasiewcz said to NECN.

Nimbus is the feline who is in the observatory along with staff members, was said to be cozy up and not bothered by the threatening storm despite feeling a little grumpy after taking his flea medicine.

“He is actually sleeping through most of this event,” Tarasiewciz claimed.

Mount Washington sits 6,288 feet above sea level. It’s known for its unpredictable weather, turbulent winds and the heavy snowfall. The average wind speed for February is around 45 miles/hour as per the Observatory.



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