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Watch Who Came Clwing Back: Hugh Jackman To Return as Wolverine

Here’s the part where we’re going to make it strange and note that Jackman is reversing his words that he was taking a break from his role following the critically acclaimed 2017 film Logan.

It would be huge news even the Hugh Jackman hadn’t been so adamant-(ium?) about ending the part of Wolverine in a brand recent video, Ryan Reynolds has revealed that the actor will take on the role of Wolverine, the fierce, fast-moving superhero for the upcoming film Deadpool 3.

It’s currently an unofficial job. Literally. After Reynolds was seen sexy for a time in the past, saying he was lacking of concepts for the follow-up Jackman appears to be walking through the background taking a bite. “Hey Hugh, you wanna play Wolverine another time?” Reynolds calls.

“Yuh,” Jackman grunts while he makes his way up the stairs. “Sure, Ryan.” Cue Whitney Houston’s triumphant “I Will Always Love You.”

He’s previously been transparent about this issue and even after the Mutants were made the possibility of being included into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney purchased 20th Century Fox’s movie catalog, which included rights to the Marvel Comics creations.

In the last year, during the press tour for his dark sci-fi film Reminiscence, Jackman insisted Wolverine was not on the horizon. In the interview on Jake’s Takes he specifically targeted his message to Reynolds whom he claimed was urging him to do a cameo.

“The reality is that I’m hearing of this directly from you and that I haven’t received a message within my email from [Marvel Studios presidentKevin Feige, is a sign that the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, which means it’s most likely, no matter the idea I come up with, it’s not on an agenda,” Jackman said. “Let’s just be very clear.”

After two decades of Wolverine and this year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that first starred Reynolds playing Deadpool, Jackman said in the same interview that Logan was the character’s final curtain call drove his performance. “I thought, this is the moment. This was really helpful to me. It was a huge relief knowing that I was entering my final season, and that I had made every moment of it.” Jackman said. “And it’s an actor I keep very dear to my heart. However, I’m sure it’s over. Let it be known to whomever you’d like. But do inform Ryan [Reynolds”Ryan Reynolds. Because he’s skeptical and thinks that I’m just joking.”

Another reason behind Jackman’s return is likely Night at the Museum and This Is Where I Leave You director Shawn Levy, who is the director of Deadpool 3. Levy has collaborated together with Reynolds in recent years on films like Free Guy and The Adam Project as well as was the director of Jackman in the robot-boxing movie Real Steel.

Levy is, for his part has taken to Twitter to express gratitude for his experience on the highly secretive making of Stranger Things for “training me to keep my mouth shut. This story has been burning my lips for weeks.”

Soon, it’s time to sharpen your claws and begin counting down. Deadpool 3 is due in theaters within two years, which is September. 6, 2024.



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