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“Warzone 2” Launch Size Season One Patch Information Social Menu Bug and Everything You Need to Be aware of

Warzone 2 is almost here and so is the beginning of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 1, with the addition of the new DMZ mode, as well as a wealth of new content that you can explore.

The latest game that is free to play Call Of Duty Battle Royale includes the brand new Al Mazrah map, a brand-new Battle Pass and overhauled game strategies, including 2-on-2 Gulag matches, brand-new buy Stations and a collapsible circle that is able to break into three or four smaller circles.

The pre-loading process for Warzone 2 has now begun on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC through as well as Steam. I’ve played with preloading and have run through a few issues which I’m currently working through with Activision. Simply go to the storefront for your platform and look to find Warzone 2. If it appears, you’ll be able to simply click the preload button to begin the installation.

But, the issues I’ve encountered are:

If I launch Steam on my PC, once I hit pre-load, it just starts Modern Warfare II. This could indicates that the game is preloaded. I’m not 100% sure!

In PlayStation 5, when I try to find Warzone 2 it does not show up. Modern Warfare II appears, like some packs for the first Warzone but there’s it’s not Warzone 2.

You can however click this link, which will lead users to Warzone 2 website where you choose the platform of your preference and then include the game in your library (theoretically this could work!) For example the link above takes my directly to PlayStation Version of Warzone 2, and offers me the option of adding it into my libraries.

After following the instructions from that link, I noticed the following: when I played on PlayStation, Warzone 2 is appearing in the form of Modern Warfare II. There’s no game, icon or web page for it. I was able preload however I’m unable to tell whether it’s loading the entire Modern Warfare II game (which I don’t have for PlayStation!) or just Warzone. The size of the file of the file is 38.6 GB, but. Further details on that will be revealed in a moment.

In terms of file size how much space will Warzone 2 require?

I’m trying to obtain an official confirmation of the size of my download from Activision and at present I’m getting conflicting information. For instance, several sources are saying the fact that Warzone 2 will take up more than 115GB across Xbox and PlayStation However, when I installed this game onto the Xbox Series X here’s the screen that appears when I attempt to manage the game:

You can observe in the image below, I have Warzone 2 taking up a tiny 6.2 GB. The total size that Modern Warfare II’s Campaign Co-Op, Multiplayer and Warzone 2 is less than 50 GB.

While I was playing I was able check the size of the pre-load on My computer has Modern Warfare II installed on Steam and on the Warzone 2 page it says you’ll need 125 GB of storage space on your computer for the installation of the game. In the pre-loading requirement is just 17.4 GB:

It’s true that Warzone 2 is just 6.2 GB on Xbox and 17.4 GB on I don’t think that it’s 38.6 GB for PlayStation This implies to me that there’s a ‘base game with documents for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 as well as installed in my PlayStation 5 (where I do not really have much space! This is just for research!)

This could be the initial preload size and there’s an additional major change coming which will need a lot more storage space for the hard drive. I’ve requested clarity and am going to update the article when I know more.

This is to say that we’re only getting a little information currently, however, the actual preload isn’t as large as I’m aware and ranges from 6.2 gigabytes in Xbox and up to 17.4 GB for PC in addition to 38.6 GB for PlayStation however it’s smaller on PlayStation when you already are running Modern Warfare II installed.

And right now, my Steam download of Modern Warfare II, which is likely to have Warzone 2 pre-loaded–is 55.45 GB. I’m assuming it was close to 30GB at the time of launch. Therefore, it’s possible it was on Steam there was a Warzone 2 update. Warzone 2 update was around 25GB, however I’m not 100% certain since updates in between the launch date and today might affect the size of the base installation.

There are many mysteries to solve! Come join us in the Warzone on Wednesday! If everything is in order and doesn’t crash us continuously, that is!

I had by my computer to restart today around 8:30 PM in MT, for a fairly large update that was around 34GB (on Steam). This would suggest that the small preload update that was released yesterday was just a tiny part of the total.

The update doesn’t change any of the features I’ve seen within Modern Warfare II itself. It’s still locked. Battle Pass and Store are not yet locked. The game has however added a brand new launcher screen, which allows you to select from Modern Warfare II, Warzone: DMZ (Beta) and Warzone: Battle Royale.



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