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“The Walking Dead” Comes to an End with a promise of more Life

The final season of the 11th season “The Walking Dead” concluded on Sunday evening by teeing off numerous spinoffs that are slated for the future. Here are five lessons learned from the long-awaited finale.

This article contains spoilers for the final episode of the series “The Walking Dead.”

“The Walking Dead” has been running for a long period of.

The first time it aired in the fall of 2010 AMC in the autumn of 2010 “The Walking Dead” was something of a departure from the realm of premium TV -an intense, gory horror-drama aimed at adults that mixed violent, graphic violence, and the strong moral core of shows like “The Sopranos” and “Breaking Bad.” The series quickly became an unpopular hit at the peak in its popularity between 2013-2016, it was one of the most watched television series on cable in the history of the world and had nearly 21 million viewers watching season 7’s premiere in order to discover the person who died by newly introduced villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) following the highly-debated (and highly controversial) conclusion to the cliffhanger.

We’ve learned the answer to this question – that it’s a double hit, featuring the duo of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) using an axe to the head The show’s popularity has been steadily declining. The ratings have plummeted, ranging between 1 and 2 million people per show and the main cast members have gone to”Fear” or the sequel “Fear the Walking Dead” or been omitted completely.

The cast includes Andrew Lincoln, who starred as the lead character, Rick Grimes, before departing in mid-season of Season 9. From the original group of survivors, only fan-favorite characters Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) remain, accompanied by a few multi-season veteran characters like Negan, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

The final season of the 11th season of the postapocalyptic horror drama has been split into three parts of eight hours of episode, with the initial that premiered on August 20, 2021. Within that time, the remaining characters have left Alexandria the city they had called home for the past six seasons; and been reluctantly admitted into the Commonwealth, a massive prosperous, flourishing community led by the supposedly benevolent Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) as they fought and defeated their enemies of evil, the Reapers and the hairy dictator Pope (Ritchie Coster) and engaged in a lengthy battle in a battle with Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) who was the corrupt deputy governor who caused all sorts of trouble before getting killed a just a few weeks earlier.

There was a lot territory to cover in just one season. A lot of it is based on the material described by The Walking Dead comic books by Robert Kirkman — in particular, the return of our main protagonists to the Commonwealth in the year the series ended in the year 2019. Then there was the battle for power between Commonwealth’s corrupt rulers along with the (mostly) heroic heroes. The show has diverged from its source material frequently throughout its run, slyly eliminating comic book characters from the foundation or pursuing new plots that are its own creation. A lot of questions remain regarding how the show would conclude.

The last episode, which was aired last week, ended with a classic “Walking Dead” cliffhanger: The shrewd Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) is captured during a tension-filled confrontation between the main team and Commonwealth’s totally evil power as they attempt to stop her bleeding to death, Daryl, Carol and the other characters are besieged on every side with flesh eating walkers. The final episode picks up right the same place we left off in a mad race to get away from the walker group and save Judith’s life.

If you’re looking to revisit the thrill of the show one last time or put the curtain down on a show that you had to stop watching years ago We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Here are five lessons learned from the long-awaited conclusion to “The Walking Dead.”

A close call

The episode’s cliffhanger ending in a short-lived conclusion. While Daryl brings the injured Judith to the abandoned Commonwealth hospital, and keeps her out of danger and is then struck unconscious by a city trooper who leaves Judith to fight an approaching pedestrian and ensure that they’re safe from harm’s way. Carol and the rest of the crew arrive inside, the condition of Judith has started to improve — due to the generous (and extremely convenient) blood transfusion given by Daryl who’s blood type, as he says, “goes with anybody” — Luke (Dan Fogler) and his companion, Jules (Alex Sgambati) However, they aren’t so fortunate and succumb to their zombie injuries.

In the town, Rosita (Christian Serratos), Eugene and Father Gabriel visit the local daycare center. In some of the series’ darkest twists, is almost totally destroyed by walkersRosita’s newborn child, Coco, turns up as the sole one to survive. Baby with her The three reunite together with Daryl, Carol and the others, who are being joined by Maggie, Negan, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Lydia (Cassady McClincy). They even manage to save Mercer (Michael James Shaw) from the Commonwealth prison.

The group of reunited members commandeers an army vehicle and travels to the safe house they’ve claimed to have at the ready and where physician Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale) is there to help bring Judith back to her full health.

Personality cult

Everyone is back together. Judith is safe. What’s next on the list? Taking care of the governor-turned-despot Pamela, who has gathered the Commonwealth’s wealthiest and retreated to the city’s gated inner sanctum, leaving the proletariat to fend for themselves against the ravenous swarm of walkers. Mercer does not like the situation and tells the group he will save the masses and take her down on himself, if need be. But this isn’t the kind of group to be tolerant of dictatorships that are evil. They all agree to remove Pamela and to free the Commonwealth completely and forever.

It’s a showdown. When the city’s poorest citizens are begging to be accepted to the safe community The walker horde swoops down on them. in a matter of minutes our heroes take on Pamela and her comrades and demand that the gate is open. Father Gabriel is forced to open the gate in fear of being killed -which leaves the usual stoic Daryl to take the initiative with an ode to the entire ages.

“We’ve got one enemy,” the man declares, calling on both sides to unite and join forces against the walking dead. “We ain’t the walking dead.”

The speech is powerful enough to convince her last allies to leave her and join her cause for the good. Her arrest is swift and swift. the arrest (for “high crimes against the people of the Commonwealth”) The gates are opened as well as the zombies kept in check. Judith even offers words of encouragement to Pamela in hopes of inspiring an enlightenment. “It’s never too late,” she suggests.


As Negan like her predecessor, Pamela is overthrown and is incarcerated, and left to think about her deeds. The walker horde gets rid of using oils drums and a turntable, and an older Living Colour LP rigged to create a massive explosion that winds ending up completely destroying the gated community as well as the house where Pamela resided — an effective method which doubles as a symbol. Carol who is taking over as governor, intends to abolish the caste system that has made the Commonwealth in such a way unjust. What better way to begin than blasting the wealthy area?

In the aftermath, citizens of the Commonwealth get together to dine and drink to the tunes of Fleetwood Mac. In an extended and wistful finale, several characters have lengthy heart-to-heart conversations. Negan gives Maggie an apology long overdue for the murder of Glenn that she does not necessarily accept however, she does appreciate. (“I do not want to be a hater of you any more,” she tells him. The healing process is expected to continue with the next Maggie-Negan spinoff “Dead City,” due in the year following.) Negan even receives a slight smile from Daryl who is the most important sign that people are finally prepared to accept his new life.

One year later

Flash forward and fade out The year has come to an end since Pamela was sacked by the Commonwealth, and we are given brief glimpses of what people from the Commonwealth have been doing during that time.

Connie (Lauren Ridloff) continues to work as reporter “keeping the administration honest” and is more content than ever. Judith gets a letter and a farewell gift from the legendary Negan and wishes her good luck when he leaves to start his new show. The entire town is thriving and is no longer under the urgent threat of besiege or invasion. This is about the closest the show has come to showing a sense of optimism. Happy ending? In the situation in “The Walking Dead,” it’s exhilarating.

However, there’s one man who doesn’t be content in peace and quiet. Daryl Dixon, ever the wanderer, is getting ready to quit the Commonwealth in the dust and set to the open roads with his motorbike in search of … the answer to that question it’s difficult to know. According to reports Daryl Dixon could travel up to France in a different “Walking Dead” spinoff.

The necessity to keep Daryl’s story going even as the story wraps in a neat manner creates a disconnected effect However, at least we have a wonderful final scene with Daryl and Carol who are inseparable since they first met in the second season. “It’s not like we’re never going to see each other again,” Daryl tells her prior to leaving perhaps hinting at a future reunion on screen. The most moving part is her tearful remark.

“I’m allowed to be sad,” she says she cries in pain. “You’re my best friend.”

Rick-sy’s business

Of course one of the main distinctions in “The Walking Dead” and the origin material lies in the main protagonist, Rick Grimes, exited the show in the year 2004 and he was the central character in the comic book through its entire time. The comic concludes by bringing Rick to the grave when he is killed to death by Pamela’s brawny sociopath son, which causes massive social changes and turmoil throughout and across the Commonwealth community. As that wouldn’t be the final scene one of the major uncertainties that this final episode had was what would unfold rather.

In the end, the show’s finale will feature Lincoln’s (and Lincoln’s) return. The final scenes in “The Walking Dead” show us Rick walking on a beach littered with corpses writing an email to his family, and then packing it into bottles.

A Lincoln-directed mini-series focusing on Rick’s adventures continues is currently in development We get some glimpses of what it could look like. Rick has been left on his alone and on the running, and after throwing his message from bottle into the ocean He is subsequently spotted by a group of men in helicopters, who warn him via megaphone that there is no other choice to leave. It’s clear from the exchange that they had been through similar situations before. It’s also evident that Rick isn’t deterred from the idea of one day being reunited with his family, despite at least seven years after having left this story (in the timeline of the story).

Rick’s appearance is brief and has the nostalgia-like tone. The beach scenes are interspersed with a collage of deceased actors from previous seasons and we also get some narration by Lincoln which evokes the conversation that occurred between Rick and his longtime girlfriend Michonne (Danai Gurira). “I think about the dead all the time,” Rick states, referring to faces of people who didn’t have a chance, well-known actors (Chandler Riggs’s Carl Jon Bernthal’s Shane) and some of the less memorable ones (Jeffrey DeMunn’s Dale as well as Lawrence Gilliard Jr.’s Bob), cross the screen. Naturally, he closes with a quote that has become an anthem for the show: “We’re the ones who live.”

It’s an appropriate conclusion that captures the unwavering strength of human nature that could be the overall theme.



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