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The person who could be Eden Polani, teen model seen with Leonardo DiCaprio

Following the news that “Titanic” star Leonardo DiCaprio who is 48, was seen with model Eden Polani earlier this month and fans haven’t been able to keep from talking about it.

With DiCaprio’s inclination to date younger women romantic rumors quickly came to circulate after the two were photographed sitting next each other at Ebony Riley’s EP’s release party.

A source informed Page Six that the two do not have any romantic relationship and the whole thing was just the result of a chance.

“There is absolutely no evidence to this. He was sitting next to [Polani] at a party event, as were many others,” the insider told us. “It’s absurd. Leo obviously isn’t able to be dating everyone is in a space with.”

Here’s everything you must be aware of about Polani:

What is Eden Polani do for work?

Polani is signed with ITM Model Management and according to her resume she’s been on the cover of three distinct Israeli magazines, including Glamour when she started her modeling career.

While she’s currently sporting the red color, Polani is naturally brunette with green eyes.

From where do you think Eden Polani from?

The model was originally from Israel.

But, she is still living with her family in Los Angeles.

Are you Eden Polani on social media?

Polani has more than 230,000 fans on Instagram which is an increase of over 22,000 since she was spotted with actor A-lister.

The most recent post she posted was within days of being photographed in a photo with Leo and noticed that she changed her caption to an emoji of a simple red heart.

She is also a frequent traveler since almost every one of her posts appears to be taken from different countries. But the model has no private Twitter nor a TikTok profile.

What person have Eden Polani dated before?

Prior to her reported romance, Polani was linked to 31-year-old Gil Ofer, the son of billionaire businessman Idan Ofer.

The couple made headlines last year when Gil who had previously dated Sofia Richie, posted photos of the model on the model’s Instagram Story. The pair had kept their relationship secret because of her age.

How old is Eden Polani?

Polani is born the 21st of March 2003, which was three years to the day after DiCaprio as well as Kate Winslet appeared on “Titanic” together. That makes her 19 years older.

“Kate Winslet was only 22 at the time she received her nomination to win the Oscar in the film Titanic. That’s 3 years younger than Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend of the moment,” one user pointed out on Twitter.

Fans were quick to draw attention to it was the case that Polani has also graduated from high school recently.

“Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is so young her high school experience was interrupted by COVID-19,” another user commented on.



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