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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special**

It’s Christmas! ! It’s true, now that the day is upon us we can begin to open the filmic gifts for the holidays that we that were hidden under the tree until 2022! What’s that? It’s still only a month away , and the world isn’t even half-way through the initial rounds of the most boring ever world cup? Don’t worry, Marvel are here to assist us in putting the nil-nils aside by releasing the most recent entry into, check notes, the fourth phase of the MCU. The MCU allows fans to pull into their family tree to make seven-hour YouTube films about their favourite characters and compel us to pretend to be interested in a bizarre written-by-committee story that is falling into disarray in front of our eyes. I’m pretty certain that Blade was announced as a part in the present phase in the year 2019, but it was never the case, so I believe what we can say with certainty about Marvel’s plan is that like typical, they’re in the process of making these up while they make it.

Thus, ticking a corporate box to get fresh streamed content. James Gunn’s minor return will feature the heroes of Guardians of the Galaxy, which appear to have absent from our screens for a long time in various series (Thor, Avengers) , however, they are now being portrayed as an uninteresting television show that is centered around Christmas. The source of inspiration for the show, if you can call it that in the proper phrase, was the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special from 1978, which was a cheap cash-in George Lucas subsequently disowned. and which features all manner of bland-to-excruciating padding from bands like Jefferson Starship to a celebrated cameo from Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls. Therefore, we must keep to mind that GoG Holiday Special is meant to be fun, even though the goal appears to be just to entice viewers and fill 39 minutes with non-branded material that you did not need or desire.

“I don’t even know what Christmas means, but Christmas is coming”, is the first music from a group named, check notes The Old 97’s. they also contribute to the closing song , Here It Is It’s Christmastime. The song is a blast from The Pogues performing Fairytale of New York over the opening credits. There’s also one hilarious moment due to an ‘introductory Kevin Bacon’ credit, before we move into a genuinely illogical story. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt, generally missing) is unhappy due to some reason and his more affordable co-stars Guardians Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) are sent to Earth to capture Kevin Bacon, the famous actor. Kevin Bacon to cheer him up and uncover the true significance of Christmas. The story is over. The End.

Gunn has always envisioned himself as a black-comedy maverick. However, his GoG Holiday Special plays it pretty safe in terms the content, and has a low budget for CGI and bare-bones appearances by Groot (Vin Diesel) and Starfox (Bradley Cooper) and Peter Quill has one solitary final-turkey-in-the-shop scene prior to the finale. Drax as well as Mantis travel to Hollywood Boulevard and get their photo taken by Marvel fans, then get a bit drunk, then assault several police officers who are performing their duties This is black comedy in 2022, I think. Then we come to Kevin Bacon, who seems to be playing himself more often than Nicolas Cage, but oddly appears to have no desire to play himself in this role With decades of commercials for telephone companies acting himself is Bacon’s trademark however, for reasons unknown, Bacon doesn’t bring much spark in this film. Streamers want regular content, but Bacon’s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is an insignificant piece of coal when the glittery present would be more appropriate for the holiday season; such self-indulgence could be a hit with fans of the show but it’s not a great choice for the more infrequent, tune-out viewers. In any case, putting aside the carping the holiday season, Happy Christmas to all!



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