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The Dream Setlist for Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour

The superstar will be touring arenas in 2023, here is the perfect, career-spanning sequence from her many highlights.

How will Taylor Swift going to pull this off?

The singer’s brand-new “Eras” tour, promising the possibility of a trip “through all the musical eras of my career,” was announced on Tuesday (Nov. 1.) and will be performing at U.S. stadiums beginning in March 2023. However, to think about what this concert’s setlist could be like it’s like trying to comprehend the size of our universe because there’s simply an overwhelming amount … from all things.

There are synth-pop anthems, the slow burns acoustic and twangy throwbacks the deep cuts that are adored by fans -in addition to how Swift has released six No. 1 albums with 86 songs that were never released since her last tour in 2018, The Reputation Tour, in 2018.

How do you begin to create the perfect setlist to be representative of her extensive catalog , and also celebrate her latest record-breaking performance in Midnights? Here, right here!

Below is our ideal schedule, which covers every one albums from her studio, keeping her past tour inclinations in mind, but make the show manageable. We estimate that she could rip through these songs and medleys in around two-and-a-half hours. That’s a fair duration for a show considering that it’s her first tour in almost five years.

The set will surely deliver incredible highs and torrents of tears. What else could an Swiftie like? We’ll continue in the midst of a dream!

ACT I: ‘Midnights’

After months, weeks and years of waiting The lights at the stadium finally dim. The crowd screams in joy and relief as they shake the concrete. A montage starts to play on the enormous videos screens that show Swift throughout the years beginning with the country-pop teenage times to dark Midnights. She smiles at the camera, and the screen fades to black. The screen is silent for a while, and the next thing we hear is “It’s me. Hey.” And the crowd explodes again. However “Anti-Hero” doesn’t begin. Instead, the screens break up and light purple smoke pours through and the bass begins to kick into …

“Lavender Haze”

As she did with the 1989 and Reputation tour, Swift launches into her long set by kicking off the opening track from her latest album. It’s an instant spectacle of a screamering pop rage Dancers of a dozen performing in full choreography and with Swift at the center dancing with her hips while wearing some kind of black and purple sequins in a one-piece. The heavy bassline shakes the stadium, as 55,000 LED wristbands flash in lavender while keeping track of time. The fever-pitch is reached quickly, and fans cry in tears. This is finally happening. She’s here.

“Vigilante Shit”

She’s early hunting, out to find blood. The bass is booming again and the crowd becomes an eruption. Swift performs with her group of dancers on the runway that runs across the stadium’s floor and connects to a B-stage that is not used (more on this later). In the middle of the runway Swift seems to have a serious attitude and stern glances. The runway is lit red. “Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge,” she sings and the crowd roars in a chorus.


The mood is lightened, Swift is back on the stage to perform this latest track, with adorable images projected on the screen. the three cats appear obviously to perform their part in “Karma is a cat” song. A backup dancer is wearing the cat mask, Swift is seen patting upon the back.


In pure, glittering bliss, Swift tears through the song, wearing a gem-studded cane , or even a hat (or both! ) And when she sings “I can still make the whole place shimmer,” an ethereal wave of reflection-like light streams through the wristbands with LEDs. Technology!


The first part of the show ends with the aforementioned Midnights single, which has a swarm of self-loathing, smug fans screaming “It’s Me. Hi. I’m the cause, it’s myself.” The experience is huge, emotional and generates an influx of therapy appointments after the show closes.

ACT II: ‘Fearless’ / ‘Taylor Swift’

As Swift is seen stepping out in her change of costumes as she walks off, a video interlude begins, initially ethereal and then with a few flashes of twang, the sound from “Fifteen,” “White Horse” and “Teardrops on My Guitar.” Fans begin to realize the next thing to expect. Swift is taking them all way back.

“Hey Stephen” / “The Way I Loved You” / “Fearless” / “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

An enormous, entertaining full-band mashup of upbeat Fearless songs kicks off the mini-set. Bassist, guitarist, drummer and violinist all strut their stuff in a manner that recalls Swift’s previous concerts (the dancers have breaks in the backstage). Swift is wearing a sort or knee-length gown. It closes with “Mr. Perfectly Fine,”” the groovy and sultry track from the vault included for Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Fearless (Taylor’s Edition) in a nod to the album’s past as well as present.

“Tim McGraw” / “Picture to Burn” / “Our Song” / “Should’ve Said No”

The Swiftie fans who have been with her for a long time — those who still don cowboy boots to her concerts and resent the absence of self-titled material on her previous two tours Get their chance in the spotlight with this huge, bright smash-up. Swift thank her fans for having been with her since beginning to VERY beginning. Pop stans don’t understand the songs and rush into the restroom. The wait is long. They grab yet another seltzer that is hard to break.

“You Belong With Me” / “Love Story”

She is back with the mash-up from her two massive Fearless songs, just like she did on her Reputation tour. It was a great performance then, it’s even better today. Swift is dancing alone on the center stage and the band is jamming behind her. She walks back to the the stage, then falls to the flooras her those who have been following her for fifteen years contemplate their personal mortality.

ACT III: ‘Reputation’

Another interlude, only this time, it’s the black screen with the hum of a low, unassuming sound. The audience doesn’t know how to interpret it until Swift’s head is shown upon the screen. Swift turns her back, and brings her hand up to her cheek. There’s a snake ring in her hand. “Are you ready for it?” she asks the camera. The screen fades to black, fire columns explode on the main stage and Swift emerges off the stage …

“Look What You Made Me Do”

There’s no giant inflatable snakes this time around, however, the sassy lead single from Reputation is still a blast. The dancers are back in Swift’s gold and black look, as if they were goddesses of war. The booming bass shook hairs on 110,000 arms.

“I Did Something Bad” / “Don’t Blame Me”

The enthralling medley is smacked with more explosions of fire and complete choreography. Dancers are able to lift Swift up and then carry her around for a few minutes and give their feet an opportunity to get away from her heels that are knee-high.

“King of My Heart” or “Delicate” (piano versions)

The show slows for a couple of minutes while Swift performs an individual rendition of “King of My Heart” on the baby grand piano, which has appeared on the center stage. Swift sings a verse and chorus before making a swift transition to the more soaring “Delicate.” With the strong synth ripped off Swift’s voice, the track is able to show a new vulnerability. The stage where the piano is set rises 20 feet to create the sake of a tiny spectacle. It it then lowers to the stage with Swift still seated.

ACT IV: ‘Speak Now’

The audience is aware of the game: Each when Swift quits the stage the stage, a new album is set to begin. Which one will follow? The answer is soon to be revealed as the stage gets lit -with purple. The interlude plays “Dear John” and “Haunted,” the strings cutting off in the beginning …

“Sparks Fly” / “Mine” / “Long Live”

Swift is back with the band, glam wearing a purple dress, with a guitar in her hands to play this epic medley that reaches its peak with the glorious the chorus to “Long Live,” the crowd is euphoric singing along. Atop the stadium an air pilot asks his copilot “Hey, did you hear that?”

“Mean” (rock version)”Mean” (rock version) “Better than Revenge”

The teeth show. There’s no banjo, but an electric guitar is the way to go, as “Mean” gets a pop-punk treatment, which feeds to “Better than Revenge,” which is basically an actual Paramore track. Everyone thinks about their ex-partner and sings along.


Swift plays the original version in full, singing along with her six-string down the center ramp however, the ramp turns into an arm with a motor that propels Swift throughout the stadium, singing to the tune of her heart while fans sitting in the cheapest seats take a closer look. It’s a good thing that “Enchanted” is almost six minutes long, which gives the machine enough time to move through the entire.

ACT V: ‘Folklore’ / ‘Evermore’

All night long, fans have looked over the stage on the other end of the stadium’s floor and wondered when it will be utilized. It’s now the time to use it to see an extended interlude of Swift moving through scenes in grayscale of meadows and pine trees is projected in the background. A few fragments from “The 1,” “Invisible String,” “Champagne Problems” and “No Body, No Crime” are heard.

“Cardigan” / “August” / “Betty”

The stage platform opens up to reveal an ambiance-filled, lamp-lit additional stage that features a three-piece bandconsisting of a pianist, Drummer along with Swift playing guitar. They have their hair pulled back into loose braids, and wearing a stylish jacket. Did it become colder here? They hum the trio of tunes that belong to the Folklore main characters Betty, Inez and James Fans who were in quarantine for the majority of time trying to understand the confusing stories, squeal with joy.

“Exile” (with Justin Vernon)

It appears to be just two musicians, the piano and Swift on the microphone of old to perform this amazing duet, but after as they climb the stairs leading to the stage, there’s not anyone else but Justin Vernon of Bon Iver to pay back the favour Swift did him by stepping up to sing “Exile” at his London concert last month. Do you think this will happen on every night on tour? Not really however, this is OUR wish list And on this night it will happen!


Vernon departs, and Swift returns to the excitement that she had in Swift’s 2021 Grammy Awards performance, merging the campfire jangle that is “Willow” with stadium swell. The energy is beyond flawless.

ACT IV: ‘1989’

As the crowd is in a state of serene folk-pop euphoria excitement begins to rise again particularly as people begin to are aware of which albums are not yet been touchedand the smashed-up craziness they have. The drum claps and the bright, pulsing synths that make up “Welcome to New York” begin to vibrate through the PA. They then move the soaring riff of “Out of the Woods.” The party’s back in full swing.

“Blank Space”

Swift returns on the main stage wearing a sparkling silver leotard with red lipstick. As when “Blank Space” kicks in the entire crowd goes out of its mind. The collective noise of 55,000 people shouting “Nice to meet you, where you been” is enough to set off local seismographs. Some fans’ cellphones notify them that they’re experiencing an earthquake. It’s worth it.


With all glitz and swagger, Swift walks the runway with her dancers. The runway doesn’t quite match her performance in 2015 on MetLife Stadium located in New Jersey, where Heidi Klum as well as her Women’s U.S. Soccer Team were a bit behind However, it’s still awe-inspiring.

“Wildest Dreams”

Unlimitless sensations. Aesthetics that are endless. BOGO excitement and awe.

“Shake It Off”

Swift has been dancing dancers are dancing, and the people are dancing. The staff at the concession stand are dancing, and the good dads in the crowd -who are familiar with the tune from the wedding of their daughterdance. Pure, silly glee.

ACT VII: ‘Lover’

Swift departs again, and the stadium gets dark. There is no one who wants to go, however, people begin to consider which era will be the last to end the show -the most dramatic or the one that didn’t get its due. Then they realize and it begins at the bottom of the pit before advancing across the arena. The wristbands with LEDs … have changed color to pink.

“Cruel Summer”

Did you remember in summer 2020 the time when everyone wanted the “Cruel Summer” music video Then Folklore was released, changing Swift’s career? Now, the most awaited beat of all bops has finally live-streamed — Swift wears red and purple, hair pulled up into ponytails — and pure pop stans gleefully enjoy the colossal bridge “He looks up grinning like a devil!”

“You Need To Calm Down”

The pounding snare continues as Swift shows a variation of her choreography during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2019. Her dancers are scantily dress. The images on screen are rainbow-colored; pride flags are visible waving all around the arena. Swift is given one by an audience member in the pit and wraps it over her. The crowd is roaring with joy.

“Death by a Thousand Cuts” (acoustic)

Guitar, mic, solo in the middle of the ramp. Perhaps the most impressive piece of songwriting ever written on the entire album of Lover is given its due, when the tongue-twisting (but incredible) bridge divides the admirers from the naysayers.

“Lover” (acoustic)

Still in a solo state, and still on the main ramp, it’s an uplifting romantic moment. She dedicates the track to all the lovers within this building or to anyone who’s ever been loved by anyone or even something. Couples hugand forget about the arguments during the drive to.


It’s late. Fans are overwhelmed by emotion that they’re unable to even tweet. However, everyone calculates and decides on the last remaining era. Oh, god!all things turn red. Parts of the title track and “22,” of “I Knew You Were Trouble” continue to play throughout the interlude. They’re ready to get injured yet again.

“State of Grace”

Live band on the road, drums are kicking into high gear and the band is onthe ecstasy of pop-rock bounding. Swift’s last costume? You’ve guessed it, in all red while she screams through the rumbling album opener.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Swift plays an electric guitar, just as she did in previous live versions of this hit the first time she has had a single to be a No. #1 Hot 100 single — and rips apart the rock-heavy version. While the crowd cheers and sings in unison during the last chorus, with their wristbands flash red as large amounts of confetti with the shape of a broken heart are sprayed by cannons over the floor and lower bowl. Many people believe that the show is over and the dad’s are dragging the stairs to beat the crowd! However, Swift does not leave the stage. Everyone knows what’s left to be done.

“Nothing New” (with Phoebe Bridgers)

First the bridge to melancholia with opener and empress of EMO Phoebe Bridgers! To celebrate the massive redistribution of Red in 2021’s fall, Swift and Bridgers stand in front of each other and perform the slow-burning, slow-burning, vault track that is a stunning duet as well as a gorgeous and bleeping bummer.

“All Too Well” (10 Minute Version)

Swift is embraced by Bridgers when she walks out and walks back towards the ramp in front where she receives a guitar the final time. One spotlight, she talks to the microphone, thanking everyone who has been coming, for their patience, for being patient with her this time. She also encourages the crowd to sing once more before she starts to strumming. A few cellphone lights come on, after which the stadium becomes an evening sky. The crowd tries to sing softly to ensure they be able to hear Taylor but, as the song progresses to “maybe we got lost in translation,” nobody is able to hold it anymore. Unbridled, feral bedlam. Open weeping. Tears forming in puddles on the floor of the stadium. Everyone is devastated and overwhelmed by the events the spectacle they’ve witnessed. It’s truly been a trip through time and a stunning cross-section of Swift’s brilliant career thus far. The only thing they’ve left to ask was “What’s next?”



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