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“Succession” will come to an end at the end of Season 4 The creator of the show says

Prepare yourself for the final stretch of Logan’s race.

After five years of award-winning seasons the hit HBO show “Succession” will be coming to an end with season 4’s episode, writer as well as creator Jesse Armstrong has said.

In an interview, which was published on this Thursday Armstrong stated to The New Yorker: “There’s a promise in the title “Succession. I’ve always wondered if it could last for so long.”

“The final chapter was always an elusive thought in my mind,” he added. “From Season 2 onwards, I’ve tried to decide if this is the next season or is it the one following that, or the next one?”

With its satirical portrayal the super-rich Roy family struggling to take control over a media empire as their patriarch gets older, “Succession” has garnered high praise throughout its run, including 13 Emmy wins and created a multitude of memes.

And Armstrong acknowledged that he was “deeply dissatisfied” over the decision to close the show after just four seasons. This was a decision HBO permitted him to take.

“It’s been a tough choice,” he admitted, “because the collaborations – with the cast, my co-writers and with (composer) Nick Britell and Mark Mylod and the other directors – have been so great.”

The writers’ group gathered in the latter part of 2021 to plan out the new season and before filming even began, Armstrong was still not planning to stop the series after four seasons, he told The New Yorker.

“I thought”Look, I think this might be the best option. But what are your thoughts and then we performed a variety of scenario,” he recalled.

“We could put together two short seasons, or perhaps two additional seasons. We could also keep going for a long time and make the show something totally different. And become a more energetic loose-wheeling type of show. There would be bad and good weeks. We could also choose to do something more muscular and full, and finish robust. That was certainly my choice.”

“When we began filming: I said to the actors”I’m not one hundred percent certain that this is the case”” said he.

While he eventually chose to close “Succession,” Armstrong didn’t say no to going back to “another region of the globe,” with “allied characters or certain characters from the same universe,” if there were demands.

“Maybe there’s another way to be achieved, that would harness what’s been positive about how we’ve dealt with the issue,” he said. “So this is a different feeling.”

The show will return on HBO as well as HBO Max for the fourth and final season on the 26th of March.



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