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Sons of the Forest Outpaces Hogwarts Legacy on Steam

The survival game that was released early Sons of the Forest draws more attention that Hogwarts Legacy for PC and is a sign of good developments for the coming years.

Sons of the Forest is showing to be quite successful as evidenced by the performance of Steam in the Early Access version of this survival game is able to secure an overall victory in the player count against Blockbuster Hogwarts Legacy. The sequel to the game released in 2014, The Forest, the new game is based on the previous one in place, but it has improvements all over the board, making it the next major thing in the survival genre.

When Sons of the Forest launched on Steam through it’s Early Access program, it was to be expected fans would flock to it due to its distinctive horrifying nature, thrilling gameplay mechanics and the history of the series. However, it appears that nobody anticipated how hugely popular the title would prove to be and how it would smash one record upon another rapid time.

Particularly, when Hogwarts Legacy broke records across all genres, Sons of the Forest has seen a rise in the amount of concurrent users on Steam. On February 24, The Forest sequel counts more than 170,000 concurrent players and there are around 140,000 players using Hogwarts Legacy. These numbers are likely to change throughout the day, and the latter has a higher peak during the 24-hour period however the growth that Sons of the Forest is experiencing is truly remarkable particularly considering this game’s not done even yet.

The thing that’s more fascinating and interesting is the fact that Steam was down when Sons of the Forest launched on February 23rd There’s no definitive information about what caused the issue however, it’s interesting that the two events occurred at the same time. Fortunately, the outage was short-lived and players are able to play the survival game that was released early for the past few hours.

It was probably to be assumed for the game’s sequel to be an important event. In the last few days it was discovered the Sons of the Forest got on more wishlists than Starfield did, which is an incredible achievement in itself. If you take that into account it seems that Sons of the Forest may become one of the 2023’s most significant releases, particularly if the game is released on Steam Early Access in the near future.

2023 has been a good year for fans of horror games to date, at least. Since Dead Space and Sons of the Forest released and Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 in the process of getting in the process of being released, there’s positive things to come for those who have played the genre for a while. Also, Sons of the Forest, specifically offers an advantage over these games since it’s a multiplayer cooperative game that could keep players entertained for extended periods of time, if the early access window is successful.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC through Steam Early Access.



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