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‘My Policeman’ Ending, Explained: Who Had Reported Patrick To The Police & Why? What Happened To Tom?

“How do you stand being alone?” Tom asked Tom as he lay asleep with his partner Patrick. Being gay in the 1950s was an extremely lonely experience. The gay community gathered in underground bars to socialize with other gay people However, the threat of police was always there on the horizon. Being in love with a policeman could be more dangerous and yet Patrick took the risk of all in order to spend time with his officer, Tom. “My Policeman” explores the notion of forbidden romance in an era when being gay was a crime. Even though Emma Corrin and David Dawson are fantastic in this romantic comedy Harry Styles’ subpar performance has ruined the movie. “My Policeman” does not try to do anything new and opts to stick to the safe side to appeal to a larger public, which makes the film an average viewing.

Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Marion was always keeping her eye on the innocently gorgeous Tom. While at the beach one day the two eventually spoke to each other. Marion had a background with cultural background; she was a teacher who loved the arts and literature. Tom was, however was a policeman unaffected to art. Marion loved the fact that they were different from one another. Marion didn’t need to be the shrewd woman she needed to be in everyday life. She was able to just be her life without having to worry about her lover. After outing with Tom several times she was introduced with his best friend Patrick.

Patrick was director for the Western art galleries at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. He was a passionate advocate for art and culture , and loved sharing his extensive knowledge with those around him. The artist brought Tom along with Marion to the works from J. M. W Turner and particularly The Snowstorm. It is crucial to remember that Patrick had been asking Marion regarding J. M. W. Turner and why the artist wanted to read about art. Marion was not thinking about it, and assumed it was an honest curiosity. Tom and Marion seldom went out without a partner They were always joined by Patrick. But that’s not to say that Marion didn’t enjoy Patrick’s company. However, there were times when she wanted to spend time with Tom as normal couples. The night they were out in a normal manner was the night Tom made a proposal to Marion and asked for her hand in marriage. They were married in a intimate ceremony and Patrick offered an open toast to his favourite couple. Marion was not a doubter about Tom and was sure of his affection for her, however, she began to resent Patrick’s frequent interference in their marriage. Patrick spent the night following the wedding to cook dinner to the newlyweds. The next day, Marion looked through the cracks of the cottage, and discovered Patrick and Tom hugging each other as lovers. She believed Tom was Patrick who had encouraged Tom to behave in a particular way and that she needed to make the union work by maintaining Tom near to her. The final blow to Marion came when Tom announced that he was going to be traveling with Patrick in Venice in the role of his assistant. Marion was angry at Patrick for destroying her marriage. She understood that they were more than friends , and that a vacation to Venice did not constitute a trip for business.

“My Policeman” juggles between what has been happening during the course of time and how it impacts the characters of the present. Marion as well as Tom are an old couple who reside in Peacehaven. Marion was the one to bring Patrick home to find him disabled from paralysis. Marion wanted to look after Patrick now that Patrick was on his own and without a person to take care of him. Tom was not pleased by Marion’s choice; he was unable to gaze at Patrick and kept his distance from him all the time. Patrick was devastated when he learned that Tom was trying to avoid him and wanted him to get out of the home. “My Policeman” goes back to the past to find out why the present situation. Marion discovered the specifics about Patrick and Tom’s romance through the diary that Patrick kept while they were lovers. Marion realized the fact that Patrick was with Tom were in a relationship at the time she got to know Tom. When she read Patrick’s view of the relationship he had with Tom she understood the struggles that they went through at a time in which they were viewed as a joke. It was not pleasant for Marion as well as Patrick but Marion determined to live the remaining years of her life just for the sake of her personal happiness.

‘My Policeman’ Ending Explained: Who Had Reported Patrick To The Police And Why?

When Patrick had returned home from his excursion to Venice and was detained after returning from Venice by police. A person anonymously had reported him as being gay. Tom was shocked. He went home and confessed to Marion that he had an affair with Patrick and, after police had detained Patrick and could be able to get to him, too. Marion suggested they get an experienced lawyer and she would appear before the court as Patrick’s personal witness. Even though she had just a few positive words to say about Patrick during the trial, her diary kept by Patrick who was being investigated by the police, proved that he was in a relationship with a police officer who was married to a school teacher. Patrick was found guilty and must be imprisoned for two consecutive years. Tom was fired as a police officer. Marion kept visiting Patrick in prison. He always inquired about Tom but Tom did not visit him, as he was aware that this would trigger further reports. Patrick was subject to physical torture in prison due to his sexual orientation. He was unable to passion and even his life due to being born homosexual.

After 40 many years Marion went through Patrick’s journal and realized the connection Patrick and Tom had. Even after having lived with Tom for a long time she realized that they’ve always maintained an enmity between them. Tom was not always with her in all times. When he was shopping at the supermarket, Tom was able to see Nigel Patrick’s nurse and his friend enjoying moments of intimacy and affection, he thought of the moments he shared with Patrick. He will not forget the feelings he experienced while with Patrick. It’s been a while since he was with Patrick and gayness is now accepted but the moment and opportunities he was denied could not be recovered. In the night, Tom finally looked at Patrick from a distance while sleeping and Marion was able to see it from afar. The next day, Marion packed her bags and said that she was going to leave Tom and would be staying in the house of her younger sister. Prior to leaving she revealed it was her who had reported Patrick in the first place to police. She felt helpless as Tom was with Patrick in Venice. She was convinced that her marriage would be damaged if she didn’t do something to end Patrick. Her blame was on him. everything things wrong in her life, and concluded that she was a sexual pervert who was a source of encouragement for her husband’s homosexual tendencies. Marion sent an unsigned letter to the museum that confirmed that Patrick was gay. Marion wrote the letter to save her marriage however, she regretted her decision the day after. It was her guilt that was the reason for her to stand by Patrick at trial, and throughout the years, she decided to assist Patrick by any means she could. She believed that while trying to win back her husband she was not living her life.

She didn’t want to live in Peacehaven as she was there for Tom. She was lonely after being with someone for many years, and would like to change her life. She demanded Tom to look after Patrick in the event that he was able, and then left the home. Tom took a walk towards Patrick sitting in the wheelchair. He hugged his shoulder as he did the first time he visited Patrick’s home. Patrick and Tom were finally united and Marion felt free after having left her unhappy marriage. Marion loved Tom since she was in love with him. However, Marion realized she wasn’t satisfied with Tom. They had been together based on social norms, but it was time to find satisfaction wherever they could find it.

Homosexuality is still illegal in 69 countries as of today. Queer individuals continue to be executed because of their sexual orientation. However, on the positive side the world is becoming more accepting of those who are queer. When Tom was aware of that gay couples were more openly together He recalled the times he was in love with Patrick. Tom was not able to find the confidence to accept his identity and was embarrassed of himself. He was afraid to talk about his unrequited love and, in the end the regret he felt was a constant. He didn’t just destroy his own life, but also the lives of Marion’s life. She chose to stay with him through all the way. He couldn’t provide her with the joy she was entitled to. Instead, she was an object of his purity. Gay couples marrying and having their lovers behind the back of their heads is frequent situation. However, it’s an individual choice, regardless of the situation. Tom was married to Marion to pursue a lucrative career and also to have children, both motives catering to his individual desires. Tom was never a person who truly cared about her feelings He knew she was in pain but he decided to not bother in the knowledge that his social life was likely to be impacted because of her absent. After 40 years the only thing that was left was Marion who felt guilty about what happened during the previous years. Marion was kept in the shadows until Tom got married, but she did not blame her husband and realized that the things her actions towards Patrick was not justifiable. The the fact that Marion took charge of Patrick despite knowing about the history shows the strength and compassion she displayed. In contrast to Tom, Patrick never felt ashamed of who he was. Perhaps his love of literature and art is the reason why he didn’t see the sexuality of his partner as unholy. He was astonished by the environment they lived in; He was averse to hiding and making lovers in dark alleyways. He knew that his partner was on the verge of disappearing at the time he decided to lead a clean life by getting married but he was able to be with it and share his affection with the woman who was who was in his lives. Of course, such agreements are not long-lasting, and the couple’s relationship, too ended in a tragic conclusion.

“My Policeman” is a elegant portrayal of the way in which police officers were treated of gays in the 1950s Britain. This disconnect causes the film’s absence of effect on the viewer.

“My Policeman” is a Drama Romance film directed by Michael Grandage.



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