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Kim Petras, Sam Smith Bring Satan, Cages, and Whips to Grammys for Fiery ‘Unholy’ Performance

Sam Smith and “Unholy’ collaborator Kim Petras just performed their “Saturday Night Live”, a horror-themed performance of the hit song. Smith began the song in red leather and was surrounded by a group of dancers who evoke Samara from “The Ring.” The song then cut to Petras in a cage with dominatrices in satanic headgear. Smith donned a satanic headgear as the stage heated up.

Petras and Smith won the Grammy earlier in the evening for best pop duo/group performance. Petras delivered an emotional speech.

She said that Sam graciously asked me to accept the award as I am the first transgender woman ever to receive it. This was met with cheers from the crowd and a standing ovation by many musicians. “I want to thank all the transgender heroes who opened these doors for me so that I could be here tonight. Sophie, my friend and dearest friend, died two years ago. She told me that this would happen, and she believed in me. Sophie, thank you so much. Your inspiration will always be in my music, which I adore.

Petras answered a question about the fiery performance backstage and said that it was inspired from not being accepted by religion.

She said, “I think that a lot people have kind of labeled my stand for and Sam’s as religiously not cool.” She also stated, “I think many people, honestly,” had said she. It’s a commentary on not being allowed to choose religion. It’s not possible to live the life that you want, as I am trans and not wanted in religion. We were doing a take and Kim was kind of hellkeeper Kim.”

In 2015 Smith was awarded four Grammys: best new artist, pop album for “In the Lonely Hour,” record and song of the Year for “Stay With Me” and best new artist, pop vocal album.

Petras was hiding underneath Smith’s pink, fluffy dress as part of their “SNL” performance. But Smith and Petras were able to come on stage together to perform their huge hit. After reaching No.1, the duo, which is queer music, has established a precedent for the LGBTQ community. Their collaboration was No. 1 on the Hot 100 charts.

Smith’s Sunday night performance follows their debut performance at 2015 ceremony, when they performed their Grammy-winning song “Stay With Me”, from their debut album “In The Lonely Hour”.

Smith is nominated for her seventh nomination. However, Petras was nominated for her first nomination after releasing four studio albums, including “Slut Pop,” and Coldplay and BTS for their “My Universe” songs. Post Malone and Doja cat were nominated for their “I Like You (A Happier song)” performance.



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