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Johnny Depp Is Reportedly Dating His Trial Lawyer

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich enjoying a social timeout during his trial alongside Amber Heard in Virginia.

After winning the defamation case before Amber Heard, his ex-wife who accused him of abusing her, Johnny Depp has been steadily regaining his place to the limelight. The latest developments of his comeback tour reports that he’s been dating Joelle Rich an attorney based in London who represented him in a similar case of libel that was fought in the U.K.

The Depp’s U.K. lawsuit against a British newspaper publisher in the wake of one of its newspapers accused him of being as a “wife beater” was able to see a lot of similar evidence to in the U.S. trial but reached an opposite conclusion. The judge dismissed the case in July 2020, concluding that Depp made Heard into “fear to her very life.”

In between court hearings the actress Depp was able to catch together in person with one of his lawyers. It’s unclear when he and Rich began dating however “Page Six” states that she’s divorced from her partner and is is in the process of filing for divorce. A source claims they were in “discreet” relationships in hotels before they began seeing one another. Rich may also be present at Johnny Depp’s U.S. trial, though not in a professional role. Us claims that their connection has been “serious.”

Rich isn’t the attorney you would have imagined Depp to be involved in romantic relationships with. Rumors abound during the course of his U.S. trial theorized that Depp was dating Camille Vasquez, his lead attorney in the States. Vasquez has denied the rumors and declared them “sexist,” saying that the idea of her being in a relationship with Depp is an “unethical accusation” however, it “comes with the responsibilities” of being an attorney who is female. She appears to be comfortable enough with Rich as they were seen hugging each in the aftermath of their Virginia decision of the jury was announced. It seems like Depp has a solid support team to help him when the actor begins his numerous future projects.



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