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Jenna Ortega Knows What Wednesday Addams Will

In a brand new Netflix series in which the actress is an adolescent version of the hilarious Addams Family character who, she stated, “won’t let anyone get in her way.”

Jenna Ortega has been locked in a basement alongside the corpse of “X.” The actress killed a serial killer to fatality on the set of “Scream.” Jenna Ortega killed a satanic member of a cult by using a propeller from a boat in “The Babysitter”: killer Queen.”

Then she would sleep with light on till she became an adolescent.

“I was a huge freak,” said Ortega, who is the main character in the brand new Netflix murder-mystery series “Wednesday,” based on the pessimistic and pigtailed Addams Family character, which premiered — what not? on Wednesday.

Yet the actress is the main character in a show that, despite its dark humor, includes more than one dismemberment, and one dismemberment that was only seen in the pilot. (Tim Burton was the director for the first 4 episodes.) However, for Ortega the main attraction lies in the character’s more esoteric layers.

“My Wednesday is filled with this hidden self-confidence,” Ortega said on an unseasonably sunny Sunday afternoon earlier in the month. She was sporting long dark brown locks ruffling through the air on video calls while she walked around Downtown Salt Lake City, holding her phone in the front of her. “She’s on a mission and she’s not letting anyone hinder her.”

Contrary to that of the “Addams family” movies of the late 1990s, where Christina Ricci played a 10-year-old Wednesday Addams The new eight-episode drama, that takes place in present is starring Ortega as a 16-year-old version character who is taken to an outcast boarding school following an incident that leads to her being exiled from her public high school. (It includes piranhas as well as the pool is full of bullies. Wednesday will not regret the decision.)

In a school that is populated by werewolves and vampires – the parents of her, Morticia And Gomez (played by Cate Zeta-Jones as well as Luis Guzman), met as students Wednesday is one of the freaks. She is a constant source of discussion due to her family’s bloody history. But Wednesday is also latest in a string of teen roles played by Ortega who is an ex- Disney actor who was looking forward to moving on.

“I definitely was hesitant about it,” she said. “I’d previously been there and done it on teen programs,” she added, and she was also feeling the stress to take on her first character from a reputable brand.

It’s not every task that demands you to invest yourself in learning half-a-dozen new techniques, like archery, fencing, canoeing, German and twice-weekly cello lessons.

“I was tormenting myself over this one,” she said. “Everyone in my intimate circle knows what the cello caused me.”

At just 20 years old, Ortega has already been performing before cameras for the majority of her life and has the confidence to match. She was raised as the fourth of six children in the Mexican neighbourhood located in La Quinta, Calif. located situated in the Coachella Valley, where she was a performer when she was a child.

“I was watching Dakota Fanning in ‘Man on Fire’ and I told them, “Guys! I’m going be Dakota Fanning, the Puerto Rican Dakota Fanning,'” she said, the trees flashing in her direction while she walked through the city wearing the green turtleneck with large black headphones slung around her neck. (Her father was of Mexican descent, and her mother’s roots are Mexican as well as Puerto Rican.)

The following three years “begging all the time” to become an actor. Her mother, who was an Emergency room physician, purchased her a monologue book — and uploaded an image of her delivering one on Facebook at the age of 9. A casting director was impressed and, within a year Ortega was booked for her first television role on the show’s short-lived sitcom “Rob,” with Rob Schneider.

A string in roles ensued, which included a young Jane as “Jane the Virgin” when she was just 10 and then, at 12, she was cast in the leading part in the role of Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel sitcom “Stuck in the Middle” (2016-18). In the following month she resigned from her 8th-grade classes in order to follow her Disney aspirations.

“Stuck in the middle” ran for three seasons and ended in Ortega was eager to get larger roles that were more mature. However, the Disney experiences, as she found out was not without limitations.

“There’s an enormous stigma associated from being an Disney child,” she said. “People naturally assume that this is all you can accomplish, or the only thing you’re meant to do.”

She felt a lack of confidence. It was as if she felt stated it was as if she’d lost her way of doing things.

“You have an entirely different set of instruments,” she said of other roles that aren’t Disney. “And my tools were dirty and tucked away into the corner, hidden behind glitter and pink ears.”

However, things quickly got better: In the year 2018 she was cast as Penn Badgley in the second season of the psychological thriller “You,” then landed her first of many horror parts in “The Babysitter Killer Queen” in 2020.

Her breakthrough role was in “The Fallout,”” that was released in January that focuses on how a school shooting. The film was Megan Park’s directorial debut, and Ortega’s first experience in charge of in a film. It also received a lot of praise.

“Her ability to discern how to be a complete performer and when to restrain — and to be able to attain an understanding of her ability to perform at this young age — is truly very rare,” Park said in an interview on the phone.

The show’s creators and showrunners behind “Wednesday,” Al Gough and Miles Millar (“Smallville”) were beginning to create their main character they weren’t looking be following the standard arc of shyness to confidence of female teenage protagonists. Both men have two daughters of their own. They were wiser than they appear.

“Wednesday begins strong and stays this way,” Millar said. “She’s confident, unapologetic and smart, as well as weirdIt’s rare to find a female character in a teen who’s so confident in herself.”

After the initial four episodes, they only had the one person in their minds: Burton, who had turned down”Addams Family” as a “Addams Family” film in the year 1991 due to an unplanned conflict.

“We believed that he wouldn’t even bother to read the book,” Gough said of Burton who had not been in charge of directing a TV show in the past since 1980. “We were thinking we’d have better chances of winning the Powerball.”

They were surprised when Burton called them just four days after they received an outline for pilot episode.

“It brought back memories of my school days” Burton, who also was executive producer, told an interview on video taken from Los Angeles. “The characters were the main reason I was drawn to it. There wasn’t a desire to be doing, in the end television.”

However, bringing their vision to life was going to require a perfect Wednesday. They auditioned for hundreds of actors however, only Ortega provided the character with the sensitivity they were hoping for.

“She’s as if she’s a silent movie performer,” Burton said. “She is expressive through the eyes of her.”

Burton director of the classic horror-fantasy films such as “Beetlejuice” as well as “Edward Scissorhands,”” began to put his mark on the series. It was shot in Romania for eight months between 2021 and 2022. Burton took the inspiration, according to him of the drawings drawn by The New Yorker cartoonist Charles Addams who came up with The Addams Family in 1938. Burton played a part in the tiniest details, like making the hairstyles of Ortega himself using an emery comb before a hairdresser spraying the bangs into place, and then instructing Ortega on where Wednesday was supposed to be placed.

“Tim was looking for someone to pass by and believe I was a mannequin,”” Ortega said. “He instructed me to dress as if I carried a stack of books or an empty teacup on my head. I was able to get a great posture out from it.”

But he was also unobtrusive when it came to other aspects, Ortega said, allowing her to come up with her own view about the persona.

“She had excellent instincts,” Burton said.

Zeta-Jones was enthralled by the confidence of Ortega’s insistence on protecting her views on Wednesday. “She did not feel scared with Tim,” she said. “He’s a great director, but she’d ask him , ‘I’ll try this way, but how can be a different way?’ and that’s what they made.”

Ortega stated that it is difficult, however, to completely ignore the pressures of taking on the role immortalized by Ricci who plays the character of a new creation in the show, one is an extremely “normal” instructor at school.

“With an iconic character one, you’d want to give her the respect she deserves,” Ortega said.

Are they worried about being labeled a horror queen in particular following “Wednesday”? “A tiny bit,” she said. She still isn’t able to say no to the horror movie.

“Horror can be very beneficial,” she said. “You’re crying bloody murderYou don’t have the opportunity to do this in everyday life, so it’s a great way to release all that unnecessary, bottled-up anxiety.”



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