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Harry Styles on his Album Of The Year Grammy Win

At the 65th Grammy Awards Harry Styles won Album of the Year. Arena was transformed in to Harry’s House.

Styles said that his win was more than anything. “It just kind of feels validation that you are on the right track,” Styles stated in the press conference after his win. Styles said, “When we go into the studio and start a record, we make the music we love to make. It’s very nice to feel that that is the right thing.”

Styles also won the Best Pop Vocal Album award. He spoke about the continuity of the album’s creation. It debuted at No. Styles performed the album at residencies and shows across the country on his recent North American tour.

“Performance has always been a passion of mine; it’s my favorite part about working in music. He said that he has been able to fall in love with album-making and that playing it is another love.

It’s incredible to see songs that are so important to me and to see how they affect other people when they’re playing for them. My fans have made it possible for me to do what I want. It’s so liberating to perform. It’s a true gift, and I love it.”

He was also very grateful to his fans, who helped propel the energy throughout the room.

“Live music creates an atmosphere and it’s almost like the performers are doing that.” He said that in reality, he feels that the fans create this atmosphere for him. The room has a magical energy that almost makes it impossible for me to accept any responsibility.

“It’s probably what I’m most proud of in my life, the feeling that I get in the room every night on stage. It’s my favorite, most favorite thing about playing for an incredible group of people each night.

Styles said that he and his Harry’s House cowriters Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson, have been writing throughout the tour.

He said that he has always tried not to stop writing, as it feels like there is a big stop before you get back to it. It can feel like you’re trying prove something or following up. “So, we’re always writing and try to keep the same intentions behind what we make.

Beyonce and Adele were all nominated for Album of The Year.

Styles stated that Styles was not a fan of “best” music, and that he believes the award should be given to someone who isn’t.

“I don’t believe any of us are able to sit in the studio and make decisions based on which of these will get us one of these. This is truly, truly kind. “I’m so grateful.”



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