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Even in retirement Antonio Brown can’t help being terrible

Antonio Brown was the subject of a Saturday morning feature published in The New York Post, which released the video of an incident that took place with the versatile wide receiver who is a free agent earlier in the year.

The video of the incident, which tabloids report occurred on the 14th of May at the Armani Dubai Hotel, appears to show the mentioned Brown assaulting a vacationer in the hotel’s pool. He was showing his genitals and glutes to the woman and then almost waterboarding her with an unintentionally stolen scarf.

Following the news became known to the public, Brown took to Twitter to defend himself.

Oh, how the great have fallen. When we think that we’ve got rid of all AB or other shady behavior and he’s been an unrestricted free agent until the beginning of 2022’s season, he discovers an opportunity to make the whole NFL world think “I can’t believe we used to root for that guy.”

Brown whom was banned for initial 8 games in the 2020 NFL season due to violation of the personal conduct rules of the league He claims that the woman “clearly” swims away with his shorts. It’s probably not true.

I’m not sure that she did, it doesn’t mean that she liked him. Maybe she believed that by swimming around in her shorts, he would not be able to walk alongside her in the pool in fear of exposure to many more people. Brown evidently put that thought aside when he lifted his trash from the pool. Anyone who watched will see that she was not happy having Brown around, and that’s why she went swimming away. Do not attempt to justify your actions by using your “But I swear she wanted me” defense. That’s disgusting!

The video begins with Brown flaunting his naked backside into the woman’s eyes and she is laughing with a sigh of relief. While her face appears blurred in the video it’s easy to imagine her frustration as viewers did not just refuse to take action, but supported Brown to carry on. The person who was filming the clip yelled “Oh yes! Another time!” egging Brown on to keep on with his insidious and indecent acts. Brown accepted the offer with smiling. Based on his previous behavior of putting his face in front of his tummy I’m shocked Brown didn’t let loose an eject or two. Brown did not stop there however.

The video cuts and then restarts after which you see Brown trying to place an over-the-counter scarf on the woman’s face. The reports suggest that Brown stole the scarf from a pool-goer when they weren’t paying attention. Apart from that obvious theft there’s nothing strange about that claim is it? It’s just a beautiful garment, isn’t it? But then you realize you’re in a pool. Placing a cloth on someone’s face and putting water all around the face isn’t romantic but it’s actually a form of torture that was used in Guantanamo Bay that is known as waterboarding. Even those who were enthusiastically cheering on the ex- All-Pro player on, were wise enough to see the situation. “He’s trying to waterboard her,” was the voice of one holidaymaker. The woman, obviously upset with the whole incident is quick to throw the scarf from her face in an effort to escape. AB does not take kindly to her disapproval, and then body-slams her into a pool. No matter how you’re an Steelers follower, I’m not sure what to do about the blunder. But, wait, AB wasn’t done!

While the woman swims off, Brown elevates his penis from the waterand strokes it and then yells to his female companion “You want it?” For Christ’s sake, man do you have no shame? I understand that you’re a washed-up slob who’s not left a positive impression on the team you’ve played on however, is your god complex so endless that you think you can do anything you want to do? There’s something to believe in the event that people were cheering at him. It took nearly four months for the video to make it to the public! What a pity!! It took us four and a half months to discover just how awfully Brown treats strangers.

According to the report of the Post, Brown had just met the woman just moments prior to the start of the video. After everything was done and said sources claim that the woman was screaming and ranting about the incident, and was rightfully angry that there was nothing done in order to deter Brown. Fortunately, the hotel staff requested AB to go out of the hotel after.

Brown was in the UAE to perform live during an Floyd Mayweather exhibition fight, was asked if was he a fan of stripping naked in the pool, and then exposing himself. According to the Washington Post, Brown on Saturday sent a reporter a text message “Do what you’re supposed to do, lady? White boys are dead already.” Brown has an ability to communicate isn’t he? It’s no wonder that he’s an artist in the making.

Ab’s antics are well documented. This includes the fact that he was accused of sexual assault by his personal trainer who said the sexual encounter was consensual and pleading not guilty to charges of burglary and battery. Brown clearly needs psychotherapy however I’m certain Brown would decline the chance.



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