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Dolly Parton’s new music features a track called ’80 for Brady’ featuring heavy hitters

What happens when you combine a movie about an eccentric group of octogenarians and a song written and performed by Diane Warren, Belinda Carlisle and Cyndi Lauper with a movie about Tom Brady-loving octogenarians?

You’ll get “Gonna Be You,” the single that debuted Friday along with a music clip.

Parton is reunited with Jane Fonda, her “9 to 5” costars, and Lily Tomlin in the song. They star together in “80 For Brady”, along with Parton’s “Steel Magnolias” costar Sally Field as well as EGOT winner Rita Moreno.

The movie follows seniors who are so passionate about Brady that they will do anything for him to play in Super Bowl LI.

Warren stated in a statement that “When I wrote Gonna Be You’ for 1980 FOR BRADY I wanted to write a song celebrating these women’s deep friendship.”

“Since 80 was the title, I had a crazy idea. Why not get the greatest singers of the 80s, who were still amazing and will always be, to sing it ?!!!!? Everybody I approached said yes, and they were just as excited as I was! !,” Warren said. “It’s an honor to have Dolly Parton and Gloria Estefan on this song!” Warren said. “Gonna Be You” is the song that you will want to sing with your best friends! !”

All the singers sound very honored.

“I am so happy to be part of 80 for Brady, and the Diane Warren title song. Parton stated that it was a pleasure to work with Jane, Lily, Sally Field, my older friends, and then with all the amazing artists on the song, such as Cyndi Lauper and Gloria Estefan, was an added bonus. This is very exciting for me. It’s great to feel like I’m still part in something important and it was great to be with gals I know are great.

Carlisle stated, “What a privilege to sing a song written by my favorite songwriter with four other women whom I have been a long-time fan!” This is the best thing I have ever seen.

Lauper said, “This was such an amazing project because it was nice being able to work with my friends for the song.” “Friendships between women is important, and I think Diane’s lyrics captured this. It was touching. This was a great “buddy movie” for females.

Estefan stated, “When Diane Warren, my friend invited me to join “Gonna Be You”, and told me who would be there with me, it was a resounding “YES!” It was an honor to share this amazing experience with women I admire for many decades!

“80 for Brady,” will hit theaters February 3.



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