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Chloe Grace Moretz says ‘Family Guy’ meme “used” her body as to make fun’

Peter’s maternal aunt Legs go All the Way up Griffin was a gag that was enjoyed by more than “Family Guy” viewers, however Chloe Grace Moretz didn’t find the joke amusing.

An interview was conducted in Hunger magazine, the “Miseducation of Cameron Post” star admitted that memes that compared her to the infamous “Family Guy” character which is just two legs with a face with arms negatively affected her self-image.

“Everyone was laughing at my body, so I mentioned it to somebody and they said”Oh, shut down!’ – up It’s hilarious”,” she said to Hunger. “And I remember being there and thinking that the body I have is made into a joke and that’s something I’m unable to change about me and is being shared everywhere on Instagram.”

In an interview that was published on Tuesday, the actor spoke about being in the news throughout her life and the way her body received attention from social media. Moretz was particularly referring to an image taken by paparazzi from 2016 which shows her carrying leftover pizzas into the lobby of a hotel. In the picture the actress was wearing an all black outfit, shorts and high-heeled shoes.

When the image circulated the web, trolls got their own way of altering the image to make it appear as if Moretz had a smaller torso. They then compared him to his “Family Guy” character who appeared in the episode of 2011 “Amish Guy.”

“It was something as innocent like walking into a restaurant that had leftovers” she went on to say. “And even to this day when I hear about the meme, it’s extremely difficult for me to conquer.”

She admitted that she “was kind of sad” and was “super self-conscious” wearing a dress and posing before cameras after the meme made fun of her body.

“I believe that body dysmorphia, which is something we all face in our lives is exacerbated by the problems associated with social media.” added Moretz. “It’s an expression of headf –.”

Since being a “recluse” because of jokes about her body as a result of the jokes about her body,”Hugo “Hugo” actor has eased her back to the limelight. She was most recently seen in the movies “Mother/Android,” “Tom & Jerry” and “Shadow in the Cloud.”



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