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Black Panther 2: Why is Marvel Remaining Afraid to Keep T’Challa’s Resurrection In Wakanda Forever A Secret?

We all know who the next Black Panther is Wakanda Forever?

The latest trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is out, and although it’s still revealing a lot hidden behind It does confirm two important points. The sequel will introduce a brand new Black Panther and we see someone dressed in the same armor right from the head down and that the new Black Panther is female.

We’ve never seen behind the mask, and so we’re not sure who this next Black Panther is, but the fact that it’ll be a woman seems to be a strong indication it is likely that the brand new Black Panther is going to end up being exactly who everyone were hoping that it was going to be. If that’s true so why should we keep the secret? Except, of course the whole thing is an error and it’s going be revealed as if the this year’s Black Panther really isn’t what we believe it to be.

“The New” Black Panther is Shuri, Isn’t it?

In the wake of the demise of Chadwick Boseman, no one was sure of what could mean to the fate of the Black Panther franchise. It was clear from in the beginning that Marvel didn’t have plans to alter the character T’Challa. However, that made what would happen to Black Panther as a superhero costume up in the air. Will a new character be able to take on this Black Panther suit and become a different Black Panther or will Black Panther be retired entirely? The only time it was the last seconds of the initial Wakanda Forever trailer teaser that it was made sure that there would be a brand new Black Panther in the new Black Panther movie.

Many have suggested that, early on, should there be an upcoming Black Panther at all, Letitia Wright’s Shuri could be a good choice to play the character. She’s the T’Challa’s sister and is a member of the Wakanda society, in which T’Challa is the king following the death his father makes sense that someone else in the family should take the reigns. Shuri proved herself skilled and knowledgeable in the first film and this will also give an audience to Marvel Cinematic Universe another female hero that it requires. Letitia Wright has stayed clear of answering the question that was suggested to her.

There isn’t any stronger argument to make at this time. There’s been a fairly widespread assumption that this is the direction is where the Black Panther sequel is going. The advertising for the film has placed Letitia Wright at the forefront and some of the earlier Wakanda Forever merchandise has seemed to indicate that Shuri is indeed the Black Panther’s new Black Panther. If that’s the case, then why is it kept secret? If it happens to be the person we’ve been told that it is If so, does the plan to shock us be successful?

What’s the reason? Marvel Could Be Keeping the New Black Panther A Secret Even If It’s Shuri

It’s a part of it, and almost surely, is just the normal operation of marketing tentpole films. It is generally accepted that leaving out the mystery is beneficial to business. It makes people talk via social media which is significant in the process of marketing. Even if everyone’s discussing the same topic since we’re quite certain about the answer however, the fact that conversations are occurring is what you want to achieve. At the end of the day, even knowing what the solution is, but if would like to go see it, you must buy a ticket. The ticket sales that were available to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in conjunction with this photo of a woman Black Panther is certainly no coincidence.

Another more unfavorable reason as to that who is the brand new Black Panther might be obscure despite the fact that everyone might have guessed that it was. There are many who aren’t satisfied if they’re right.

Letitia Wright made headlines prior and during the making of Black Panther 2 when she posted a video in which she voiced anti-vaccine opinions during the midst of COVID pandemic. Many were skeptical of the video and resulted in Wright taking down all of her social media accounts. The demand for Shuri be the next Black Panther were tempered in the following days and less people seemed to be excited about the concept. If it actually turns up to actually be Shuri hiding behind the mask however, not everyone are thrilled about the reveal.

In the final analysis, keeping this not-so-secret information secret could benefit the overall film. If it was confirmed within the film’s opening trailer Shuri had been chosen as the next Black Panther, it would likely stir up the emotions of those who are not happy with her views regarding vaccination. This is not the type of interest Marvel Studios likely wants ahead of the release of Wakanda forever.

There’s a second reason why the Black Panther is a New Movie. Black Panther Could Be Remaining Unnoticed

Of course, there’s another possibility that’s fascinating in the sense that we’re still not sure who’s wearing the latest Black Panther mask. It’s possible that everything we’re seeing that suggests Shuri is the real Black Panther is a misdirection and that the identity of the person is being kept secret since it’s actually someone different.

There are a few possible candidates those who might wear the dress. Letitia Nyong’o’s Nakia is the most likely option as it’s probably someone who is connected to Wakanda. It might even prove as Riri Williams, whom we saw for the very first time in the trailer. The addition of a glimpses of her Ironheart armor might indicate that she’s got her own outfit that she will wear through the movie.

However, the majority of signs remain in favor of Letitia Wright’s Shuri being the next Black Panther. It’s likely that we’ll need for a wait till November 11th to determine for certain what transpires. If it’s actually her, Shuri’s rise towards Black Panther can still be an exciting moment if handled properly, even if the majority of people are expecting it. However, perhaps Black Panther: Wakanda Forever can surprise us. If the goal of this is to be awestruck by the audience, the best method to accomplish this is to stick to public perceptions and then take a different path.



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