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Black Adam’s Version of Heat Vision Proves He’ll Always Be a Villain

The terrifying DC Comics villain turned reluctant anti-hero, Black Adam, is an overpowered god-like creature of immense strength and power and a version of Superman’s legendary heat vision. While Black Adam may be to the right side of things at times to please the superhero community however, he’ll remain an antagonist when it matters.

A character who comes from the DC Universe associated with Billy Batson and the Shazam Family, Black Adam also known as Teth Adam is a character whose history goes through Ancient Egyptian times. As Shazam’s commander, he has the broad and diverse abilities that are the power of Shazam, Black Adam is often depicted as a villain in DC mythology, since he’s been in conflict with his fellow members of the Justice League and the rest of the DC Universe on more than one occasion, notably following the loss of his family members and declare war upon the world in the miniseries of 2007 titled World War III.

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While he’s turned an entirely new look in recent times but the enduring nature of the heroic approach of Black Adam is put in doubt in the near future, following the display of a new type of heat vision within the 2nd issue of 2020’s event Endless Winter, by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz. Looking to take drastic steps to stop the event’s primary antagonist, Frost King, Black Adam is confronted with the help of Superman before he commits a crime that he cannot undo which is a source of annoyance for him. Infuriated by Superman’s perceived weakness in doing the things he believes are important to beat him, Adam uses a power on Superman that puts Big Blue’s abilities to shame, and one that’s slightly more thrilling due to its nature Lightning bolt sight.

Black Adam Has Lightning Bolt Vision!

The video shows the way that Black Adam can charge up and then release lightning from his eye, Black Adam uses it to remove Supes out of his way, while also advertising it to be a sly mirror of Superman’s heat vision attack. But, Superman often uses his heat vision in more subtle or in a hidden manner (like heating Lois her cup of coffee at the beginning of her day, or reflecting it off a mirror to cut off hair) while Black Adam’s electric appearance is not able to be used in the same way.

And, as shown within this comic, the lightning-vision appears to be used only to slash at Black Adam’s enemies, and little else, which is exactly to his more evil tendencies, rather over those of his heroes. If readers happen to notice a strange sparkle in the eyes of Black Adam anytime in the near future, they should be ready for a shift into his Dark Side for a DC Comics character whose real nature is more sinister and power-hungry than he’s admitting.



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